Why So Many Raidho D3's ?

Why are there so many Raidho D3's for sale?

Because Raidho updates models very frequently and the rich dudes that buy Raidhos don't like being left behind.
Because Raidho updates models very frequently and the rich dudes that buy Raidhos don't like being left behind.

Great way to sell more speakers is make them obsolete with new bigger and better models.You gotta love it.

Because the rich dudes that buy Raidhos don't like changing out trophy wives all the time - cheaper to get rid of the speakers
I count two D3s as of 1 minute ago ... since when is "2" translated as "many"?
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Earlier today there were three D3's for sale.

What are you thoughts on how these speakers sound?  
ARC does the same. Its short-sighted, and I believe it harms these companies in the long run.
I have D3s and they're splendid. No complaints. I'll probably be getting D4s next, an upgrade I will happily do.
If Raidho upgrade/update (as they clearly do) ... no biggie.
There's another word for that: progress.
If one doesn't develop and evolve then one stagnates, then whither ... and then finally die. It's just how things are I guess.
" If one doesn't develop and evolve then one stagnates, then whither ... and then finally die. It's just how things are I guess."

Not always, Lowther still makes speakers & has a large following. Just sayin...
There was another boring thread on this exact same subject not long ago, and the same responses.

Curious what other speakers you have used over the years; what led you to the Raidho?

I think the word was Over Priced.
Roxy54 nailed it: this is a rehash of exactly the same subject and boring thread


it's even larger number of hits when you search "why so many blablabla's for sale"

To your attention, I haven't seen any Raidho speakers on craigslist so I believe not too many are for sale.

roxy54 is correct ... there was another thread on (almost) exactly the same topic, hgope there is no suspicious agenda going on here ... maybe not.

I've had Missions (when I was in UK), Quads (forgot model) then Wilson Alexia then I settled on Raidho. Did so simply on the sound. Wilson's make terrific first impressions but (to me at least) this diminished after a while - they were too "bombastic" for my taste.
Heard Raidho at Axpona ... got curious and, well, now a happy owner (no link to firm, no hidden agenda, just an honest happy customer) ... although I have since beefed-up the bottom-end with a Wilson Benesch Torus ... but I'm still breaking these in, hope this combo works ...

My statement on change was made biting my lip, I really do not like change for the sake of it. I'm very conservative (small "c") - but change is a constant .... sadly
In the right room Raidho's are very, very good. My friend has Raidho's C3.1 and I love the way they sound. He's room is relatively small and he doesn't listen very loud.
Chrono...  Those Torus units have always tempted me but I've never heard one. Where are you located?   Are you considering a second?  I know the more subs, the smoother the response in room.  
Buying the W-B Torus is a calculated risk. It's just arrived so no time to evaluate yet. I wanted a center-field sub (sorry, "Infrasonic Generator" as W-B call it ... daft).
Bought from a dealer who has served me very well so ... fingers crossed. No practical space for more than the one sub. It's also built like a tank so will not be destroyed by my cats (one is my avatar).
No, I cannot to stop them going into my room ... not allowed to stop them as that will "traumatize the poor dears" ... but that's another issue completely (I do not want to start a thread about High-End Audio and cats ...)

What a tough question ill be up all night thinking about that!!
I'm more worried about your cats scratching up your Raidhos. This is one of the reasons I'm not getting a puppy. Yet.
Why is the sky blue???
Hey where's ; Jafant on this one !
The important question is..... "What are they buying to replace their ex-Raidho's??   New Raidho's?   Or something else?
If they buy the newer ones.... that must mean they were pretty happy with the old ones, and simply have enough money to upgrade.   (far more than you and me)..... and that's just fine.

mirolab asks a good question.
I'll probably be upgrading to D4.1s ... however, Rockport's are also marvelous and I really should audition these as well if I'm going to be spending that much money. TIDAL sounded great at Axpona so a trip to "The Voice That Is" may be on the cards too.
What is equally important to me is knowing what NOT to audition. Horn speakers are great for some but not for me. Wilson's are too bombastic for my taste and several other brands failed to excite quite as much as Rockport, Tidal and Raidho.
What did shock me was how good Graham Engineering speakers sounded. A 50-year-old BBC design ... old for sure, but they were wonderful. Those clever BBC engineers knew what they were doing back then.