Why so many PS Audio DirectStreams for sale?

There are no fewer than 7 DirectStreams being offered on Audiogon today. I don't own a DS myself, but the consensus seems to be that it's a great DAC.

If that's the case, I'm wondering: why are so many owners selling their units? What are they moving to?
you can then lowball and get it for cheap.
Not uncommon, M51's, Vegas, Dspeakers all come and go in waves at times.
Owning a DS, I will say that it demands a lot from the owner to get the full potential out of it, patience is a virtue.
I sold mine to go to a more expensive DAC. I submit the DSD is great and you need to spend a lot more money to improve what it does. New they are a good deal, but at the current used priced they are an outstanding deal.
There are 8 Lampizators for sale too.As Mrderrick said,some components come in waves,here a little,there a little...
When you sell allot of a product there will eventually be more used for sale.
mrderrick. Can you elaborate on how to get the most out of this DAC?
Perhaps it's the Kardashian effect--being in the company of the newest celebrity device makes life magical, then fades...and right now digital is announcing a new winner faster than bingo night down at the Elks club.
When everyone sells, now is the time to buy. I am selling one for a great price.
I agree with you Electroslacker.
That is why I respect companies that do not subscribe to the flavor of the month club but tend to have product lines that are stable over time.
The digital arena is an exception right now because the technology is changing so fast.
I am still with PWD. MKI. Go figure, just cant follow all the PS audio upgrades.
I had owned a few DACs like Rega, hegel HD11 and HD20, PWD MKI sounds much better than all of them. I am wondering what is my next move cause I like what i have been hearing for the past 4 years.
Some guys said to me to upgrade to MKII upgrade kit.
Others to jump DS upgrade, could anyone familiar could help me out with this desition. i simply dont have a lot of money to spend in lateral moves..
Kind regards.
I know the DS very well having heard it many times at a friends place and its the reference DAC at a Hi Fi store I frequent.

Its a VERY good DAC, and getting better with each Firmware update. But its in the accuracy detail mould - there are another group of DAC's such as my beloved Killer DAC in the musical mould. They are a bit less common but if its your bag you will likely want to move onto that when you hear it. My friend has my Killer at his place at the moment comparing it to his DS. He told me, except for himself, everyone that hears it, including his wife, prefers the Killer.

If you can swing it I would recommend you upgrade your dac to the DS. You will love it and IMO it will not be a lateral move by any stretch. I think the DS is a great DAC and much much better than the DACs you named above. Compared to the DACs you listed I think it will blow your mind. I loved mine.

If your thinking bang for bunch to upgrade these PS Audio MK DACs are pretty easy to do the upgrade yourself and they have a video to walk you through it. If you can get a good used MKII kit for around $500 that would give you a nice bang for buck upgrade for sure but the DS is a total other higher league. I think the DS DAC is the best at its price range and much better than many more expensive DACS also. Good luck. If you decide to do a manual upgrade and have any questions feel free to reach out I know how to do it and am glad to help...
Bill, the Killer is a NOS dac, correct? Those are very musical as I have found with my Hex. I have a Pavane on the way so am looking forward to hearing Metrum's newest NOS implementation using their own DAC chips. I have not heard the DS but would like to.

I upgraded from PWD II to DS and there is simply no comparison, especially with the 1.2.1 software. (Have not tried Pike's Peak "upgrade" yet.) It is like moving from a Honda Accord to a Porsche 911. Just do it if you can afford to.

Is there a new model coming out and they are trying to blow out the ones they still have? I have seen ps audio do this before. They'll even give the units to TMR to sell on thier behalf. TMR is an online store but is located half an hour from ps audio and I think they have a deal together... could be wrong
Nope, the DS is just out and they are still working out bugs. PS Audio got their hands full on the DS.
Nope, the DS is just out and they are still working out bugs. PS Audio got their hands full on the DS.
LOL! I had a PWDMKII and it sounds excellent but the firmware instability was maddening. My PWDMKII is hardwired ethernet and have to reboot on a daily basis. GL!!!
Mitch2 wrote 'Bill, the Killer is a NOS dac, correct?' Yes - and is one reason for the Killers musicality - but not the only one.