Why so many JM Labs Electra LE Be's for sale?

Was just wondering, lately there have been several offered for sale here on A'gon. Is the new 1027 that much better?

They are apparently being closed out because the new Electra speakers (1009 & 1027) have the beryllium tweeter - and I have been told that the new speakers "sound better" than the older "anniversary" Electra speakers.

I have a pair of the older speakers (the little 907 Be) and it is a wonderful monitor speaker. I also have a pair of Micro Utopia Be's and the 907 is very close to that speaker in performance.

There has been a fairly constant stream of Electra "Be" speakers on Audiogon for the past year or so - but it appears that the numbers have increased since the introduction of the new speakers.

At the prices that the Anniversary Be's are being offered, they appear to be a super deal!

I don't think the new 1000be serie sound better than the 900be serie that much ! since it has the same component I think.