Why so many Hydra's for sale

I listened to one and thought it sounded really good but there sure seem to be a lot for sale right now.
The unit I evaluated was the review unit used by Soundstage! so it was fully broken in.....The unit was shipped to me via air and it picked up static that took about five days to burn off, but after that it came alive.....I found it to be easily the best of the currently available devices. I would take advantage of those for sale and pick up one for analog and another for digital before the sellers change their minds....

Bob Crump
TG Audio/CTC Builders/DDR Mfg
There was just a $500 price increase on the Hydras (Shunyata, that is shameful!). That could have something to do with it, though I'm not exactly sure how or why.
I was one of those listing the Hydra for sale (same unit with two listings). The only reason for the sale was that I already had a Hydra, bought a second Hydra thinking I would use two and then decided (with some additional coaxing from my significant other) that I was spending too much on this crazy hobby. Having said this, I would love to get a second Hydra at some time in future. The unit is of the utmost build quality ($2,000 was more than reasonable for the quality and sonic benefits and $2,500 is still more than fair).
I don't think there that many for sale now, probably because of the price hike and people having money problems just wanting to get their money out? Who knows!!!!! Well all said and done, I have been living with a Hydra now for the last 2 months or so, and I feel, having gone through numerous power conditioners, that this baby is by far the best unit now on the market. Has made the most difference in audible improvement of anything I have ever heard. When I added also an Ensemble MegaPowerflux and Isoflux to isolate the the digital combined with Electroglide Fatboys feeding my Thor preamp and my Audiomeca MephistoII 24/196 Cd player and the top of the line Ensemble PC's feeding my Lamm M2.1 amps with Audiotekne Interconnects and speaker wire feeding Kharma Ceramique 1 speakers, that audiophile Nirvana that we audiophiles are in constant persuit of, well it just happened. The soul of the reproduced music has come alive in my system, the synnergy is just unbelievable. This is as close as it gets to the real thing, AUDIOPHILE MAGICAL NIRVANA !!!!! baby. I believe the Hydra has played an important role in the realization of this magical musical experience. Sceptics out there don't knock it until you try it, there is none better at any price
Sling have heard this from other Hydra owners too, can you comment on the advantages Hydra provides vs the PS Audio
power plants?

Also do you feel the Hydra reduces the need for "expensive"
AC cords between it and component, or does that final 6 ft
really need a high end cord still?

If Shunyata were smart they would be working on a "scaled" down version of Hydra for about 1/2 price, current price
makes it too expensive for all but a few wealthy audiophiles.
Another happy Hydra owner chimes in. Like Slingo I have had mine for 2 months, so it's stable now (thank God) and while I have not pulled it measure exactly what it's contribution to my system is, I'm also experiencing more musical replay pleasure than at any other point. Obviously the Hydra is part of the reason, but as I've made a few other adjustments (tubes / experimentinf w/cables) I can't say for sure.
ATTENTION Slingo> Are you running the Hydra w/the copper fuse? If not, call them and try it (right now), you'll like it. BTW - nice freakin' system! I have nothing but praise of the Hydra at this point. As advized buy now, or kick yourself later.