Why so many Gallo 3 or 3.1 for sale on A'goN?

For a speaker that got rave reviews...there are sure a great number of pair of the Gallo Ref 3 or 3.1 being sold on AudiogoN.....usually with just a few months use. It's not just the ones for sale now...this has been going on for a few months.

Do these speakers just not sound good after a buyer listens for a few months or what?
For any component for sale on Audiogon, the number of used items for sale is usually directly proportional the number sold by the company. This may be the case with this speaker.
Good question! I heard these speakers at the HE Show in San Francisco three years ago and was impressed. I also noticed the same thing (and so did others as it was in the forum several times) about the Von Schweikert VR-4 Juniors. Never got a good explanation nor did anyone say they hated them. Only explanation I can think of is there are some folks with too much money who buy on a whim and then resell when they are done playing. There might also be people buying these for a significant discount and are selling for little or no loss. When a product is new and hot the odds of getting a good resale price is efinitely better.
my guess would be that the gallos are very unique and appeal to people that are adventurous/into experimenting with different speaker types. They try them out then its onto somthing else. my 2 cents anyway.
What do you want to hear?

No, the Gallos don't suck?
Owners are moving up the food chain?
Don't worry, you'll love them...just go and buy them?

Go listen for yourself and decide if you like them. If you like them buy them, and stop worrying about why there are so many for sale. You don't need others to validate your buying decisions, do you?
Tvad is absolutely correct. There could be a million reasons that there are so many for sale. These type of threads always confuse me. Not sure what you are tyring to accomplish.
There is a possibility that room size and volume levels might be a factor as well. I remember that tempering my opinion of the speakers when reading the laudatory reviews. Maybe everyone bought Druids instead, a more recent favorite.

Without first had experience of either, but posting anyway.

With the exception of the self-righteousness in a couple of posts, thanks to most for your thoughts.

I have listened to these speakers, but only once in a showroom and with gear and music that I am not familiar with.

Being used to Maggie 1.6, 3.6 and 20.1..some of the reviews have pointed to these Gallos being close to dipoles/stats/planars.. and to a degree they do have some of that, but like most speakers this short..the picture they put up seems to be suited to smaller rooms with the listener seated....which may not be a concern for the room I am thinking of using these in.

Think I'll try to get a listen with electronics and music I am more familiar with..and see how that goes.

Gallo can't keep up with demand, they're selling a ton of the Ref 3's so it's not surprising to see some being sold in the second hand market. Plenty of Gallo Ref 3's being bought, some folks will decide to sell 'em and move on to something else. Audiophila nervosa.

I have owned Apogee (Duetta II), Martin Logan (Quest Z and Aerius), and Eminent Technolgy (LFT VIIIa) speakers so it's fair to say I have a preference for planars. I couldn't be more pleased with my Ref 3.1's Jeff
01-29-06: Whatjd
With the exception of the self-righteousness in a couple of posts, thanks to most for your thoughts.
Don't ask the question if you don't want the truth.

Or, ask a more specific question based on your personal listening experiences. Your original question was superficial and offered no insight into your research into the Gallos. On this site, the info you recieve is only as good as the info you provide, and the quality of the question you ask.

Nothing personal. It's just the nature of the beast.
"Don't as the question if you don't want the truth"...

"your original question was superficial"....

"on this site, the info you receive...etc."

Sorry, self-righteousness..may be a bit of an understatement.

But you are correct, I guess I could have given more info. But I didn't know you were in charge of what is, or is not, the correct way to ask/answer a question on Audiogon. I've only been on here since the beginning.

Perhaps AudiogoN could make you the "thread hall monitor"?
But I didn't know you were in charge of what is, or is not, the correct way to ask/answer a question on Audiogon.
Never claimed to be, but some questions indicate the need for some guidance.
I've only been on here since the beginning.
Then you should know as well as anyone that general questions elicit general responses.

Perhaps AudiogoN could make you the "thread hall monitor"?
I'll gladly accept the nomination if it helps users to ask more effective questions.

"Why are so many X for sale?" is not an effective question. Why? Because if owners dislike their item, they are not going to tell the truth, in order to maintain re-sale. Manufacturers and dealers are not going to tell the truth if a new and improved product is in the pipeline or they need to reduce inventory to make room for new stock, thus prompting dumping of the item in question. Perhaps some Gallo owners are moving on simply for personal listening preferences.

What more do you need to know? Haven't you been around long enough to be able to answer your own question?
Grant, have you always been this full of yourself?
Whatjd, you have a long history of intelligent posts. You get the point.

I'll bow out now.
besides being totally ugly by any standards, they have a soundstage perspective about a foot off the ground- fine if your sitting on the floor to listen. The ads just kill me, making them appear to be three times larger than they really are. David Copperfield could not do a better trick than the add makers have done! Think knee caps people. Build quality is just fine really but there is no pride of ownership with them and I think people just get tired of them and their poor non intagrated slow bass. The reviewers got this one totally wrong and I guarantee these will not stay in production like the better vandersteens etc have. Also nice price hike so that they almost cost as much as the 3a's -great job. I could go on but wont.

Dude, your idea of totally ugly and better souding is amusing to say the least. I owned Vandy 2ce Sigs, they looked like coffins and sounded like there was a blanket thrown over 'em. Took three months to sell them too.

I have no stake one way or the other in Gallo, but I am a very happy owner who uses top drawer gear with them. My ears don't deceive me, and in this case the reviewers aren't wrong.
Hack, I was going to respond but you said it first. The "slow bass" and "soundstage perspective" arguments are especially preposterous. Mine sound exactly the same (from 8 feet away) whether I'm sitting or standing. He obviously hasn't heard them in a well-set-up system. Dave
The speakers benefit immensely from placement on the IsoRock stands too. Yes, it ads to the cost, as does the sub amp, but add all the costs up and, for me, they sound better than anything in their price range and many thousands above. The truth is, many people buy and sell things regularly on the Agon here. The volume of the Ref 3's bought is reflected in the number of used speakers you see for sale as well.