Why so many DCS for sale recently?

Have you noticed the recent volume of DCS equipment for sale? What happened? Why is so much on the market today? Most of this equipment seems only a few months old? It's very interesting equipment to me and I've considered buying some.
I think people see that upsampling can be done fairly cheaply...such as the MSB Platinum Link for around $3,000. Even the Gold Link III, which I bought for $999, can be easily upgraded to the 24/192 standard. I honestly think people figure, "why do I need this expenseive DCS Elgar, when I can sell it and buy a Platinum Link and put the rest of the money into reference interconnects or speakers or whatever?" The quality of DCS is probably a 10 out of 10, but the MSB Platinum Link might be a 9.5 out of 10. For that small, almost imperceptible difference, people are discovering that they can really save a lot of money by moving away from the DCS.
With SACD players in CD mode, many people feel they get close enough for comfort to the quality that DCS offers for 25% of the cost.
And dcs is not seriously interested in doing the upgrade.
They prefer that the owner sell their "old" units and buy the newest one.
Quick deal.
You know, when units coming back they have to work on already PAID Units, so you can start to think about that...
...dealer demos
Cheaper ways to upsample
" I think people see that upsampling can be done fairly cheaply...such as the MSB Platinum Link for around $3,000. Even the Gold Link III, which I bought for $999"
Wow, your idea of cheap and mine differ. Is this really a discernable $3,000 upgrade or are we freaking idiots for buying this stuff? Hell, for 3,000 bucks you can buy a real world good sounding system. As Andrew might say "the price is the product. Suckers. PT Barnum would have loved this business.
Last year I upgraded from my Theta Pro Gen Va (which I had upgraded to 96K) to one of the first MSB Platinum Links. This was a quite noticable upgrade and well worth the money. I highly recommend the Platinum Link to anyone especially after my latest upgrade. This year I bought the dCS Elgar and 972 upsampler. It is again a noticable upgrade. Is it worth the money? To my wife and I yes but in general I couldn't really say. The Platinum has no noticable defects. It has a somewhate softer sound than the dCS and less oomph in the bass. The dCS combo has more explosive subjective rise times without being harsh. The microdynamics are better so that it is easier to distinguish the individual instruments in complex music like Mahler, Bruckner Bartok etc. The rest of the system is custom Melos Monoblocks, no preamp, Dunlay SC-V's and Sigtech. I'm happy I upgraded but it is a lot of money.
My comments were made out of pure envy. I wish I could afford to sink thousands of dollars into gear, but I have two kids in college. Some day....
A lot of highend CD players and transports are going for greatly reduced prices. I believe many audiophile recognize that SACD players playing SACDs produce sound superior to CD players that are far more expensive.