Why so many CJ Premier 11a for sale?

There are like 8 Premier 11a on sale on audiogon. More then any other electronic. Why is everyone selling theirs?
Actually there are ELEVEN (no pun intended) Premier 11a on sale. That is a good question. Why is everyone selling, I've heard and their lovely tube amps and 70 watts tube is enough to drive more speakers for vocals etc..
There were a bunch of "B" Stock refurbished units floating around, It was my understanding that u could get 1 of these for approx what dealer cost was on a new 1.
to my knowledge CJ does not offer ANY B-stock items for sale. They will not let any amps of anything less than perfect quality leave the plant. I purchased one of the used cj 11A's this week used (haven't recvd it yet) and there are a total of 4 for sale now. 3 of the 4 were people selling that were offering bogus/untrue assessments of age (I called cj with serial # verification), and some of the ads were flaky with bogus information (ie: well...i bought it used...but it is mint. I have never even turned it on!) WELL HOW DO YOU KNOW IT IS MINT?? OR EVEN WORKS?? IF YOU HAVE NEVER TURNED IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway....it is a fantastic amplifier...I am upgrading from my CAV-50 CJ integrated which I absolutely loved...but no longer need a preamp...and could use more horsepower and neutrality. I think that you just caught an influx of them for no apparent reason. As a matter of fact .... there have been no used 11A's listed in almost 4 weeks now....and I could not find one used piece anywhere in the country (I called EVERYWHERE)