Why so many Benz Rubys for sale?

In the market for a new cartridge and have noticed alot of Benz for sale.Any input on the Colibri or similar calibur carts?Thanks for the help.
To me, the VdH cartridges are touch analytical. The Ruby's are good cartridges in the $1200 range, of course they charge more than that for them. Heck even the lowly Grado Sonato outpoints the Benz Glider in the Stereophool book.

There are some nice units out there for a lot less money that sound better. Just my guess is the poor fellow who parted with all that cash wants something better, and has figured it out.

All this is of course my Cheapskate Opinion. But I have a definite feel about what a 2000K+ USD cartridge should sound like. The Ruby isn't it. The VdH's can be, but they're just not my cup of tea. It doesn't mean it isn't yours.

They are also probably one of the best selling cartridge brands, so that means more on the used market. Besides that...a Ruby 2 version was released a year or so ago.