Why so many angry audiophiles?

Just wondering. Music is supposed to soothe the soul. If you are in reasonably good health for your age, have a good system and good music to play on it you have it pretty good it seems to me. These are blessings! Be thankful for what you got?

Just a thought.  That's how I see it.
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I think this thread touched important issues (that we face daily) indeed consider it relevant. As to me, 
I completely share the thought of @tomcy6. 


good contribution - that was worth the read

we kinda all know this, but it is nice to see it laid out so clearly and we are reminded of how quality posts enhance the value of the conversation and the forum overall

applies for handling disagreements outside of online forums also 

"...we kinda all know this,..."

Well, we kinda all don't necessarily know this, ergo the existence of this very thread, don't you think?
What an outstanding post. Reading thru pg1 and getting warm and fuzzy thoughts up until the bottom of the page where where 'sojourn98' comments on audiophiles ensconced in their nice houses with their 5K systems. Then it happened, 'inna' had to smugly state 5K only buys a few good cables. That's how it starts...Forgetting that "One mans' floor is another mans' ceiling" (it's an old saying and not PC)((REALLY sick of that term too)). But I digress, seems 'inna' possesses an acute case of small mans' syndrome (see floor/ceiling metaphor above). Mom always said "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". It makes you look petty, not the least bit superior.
arizona, ate a few good cacti lately ?