Why so many angry audiophiles?

Just wondering. Music is supposed to soothe the soul. If you are in reasonably good health for your age, have a good system and good music to play on it you have it pretty good it seems to me. These are blessings! Be thankful for what you got?

Just a thought.  That's how I see it.
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Why are there so many angry audiophiles?  Why don't you just SHUT UP!  😉
Catch & release.
Fillet fish.
Make fish soup.

(Flounder or halibut makes for a default to #1.....)

Don't understand the 'anger'....I thought 'enjoyment' and 'exchange' was the concepts to be pursued.  *sigh*  Wrong yet again...

As one who 'goes against the grain' in general in pursuit or conduct, that I may have been silenced by some is Your call, Your option.

In a era where some have decided that trampling and ransacking a public building, threatening those who've been elected to (perhaps) be our advocates there...I find deplorable at minimum.


Trying times, indeed.  Any public venue and adventure has drifted into 'us vs. them', easily devolving into teethgritting shouting matches and the clenched fist.

All in all....send me the tab for a round.  I'll stay home, and play something appropo...and drink alone.  Cheers...:(

Enjoy your bitters....
asvjerry, It would be better if you advised against discussing politics without slipping yours into the post.
I am almost certain that the answer is because most audiophiles score lower than average on what psychologists define as trait agreeableness.


Agreeableness is the degree to which your behaviour towards others is motivated by the desire to like and be liked by other people. As a highly agreeable person, if you don't agree with someone you are more likely to just smile and say something nice rather than pick a fight with them.


Agreeableness correlates strongly with an interest in people - so the majority of individuals who work in people or care giving fields such as health care, hospitality, teaching etc, score higher than the average for the population on trait agreeableness.


Lower levels of agreeability correlate strongly with an interest in things - so the majority of people who are engineers, mechanics, industrial designers, inventors etc score lower and agreeableness than the average for the population.


Audiophiles tend to be the latter and therefore don't tend to smile sweetly when they disagree with someone, they tend to say what they think and say it with a sugar free coating!


As an additional insight, the most disagreeable people in the world, say the bottom 4%, are close to 100% of the prison population! They are also almost exclusively men whereas the top 5% of the most agreeable people in the population are exclusively female.


Men and women differ on agreeableness by about 1.5-2SD depending on which tool you use to make the measurement. It is why the majority of audiophiles and most engineers are male and the reverse is true for teaching, nursing, hospitality etc.


There are some very robust papers that explore the idea of ‘Men with things, women with people’ if you care to look for them. 

Free Speech is under siege.  The younger generations don’t like dissent.  “Your words are hurting me”,  “I don’t feel safe”, etc.  
Couple that with the ubiquitous tendency for people to get aggressive during Internet arguments in a way that they wouldn’t in real life, and therefore create a need for moderation, and soon every discussion will be limited to total uniformity.