Why so many angry audiophiles?

Just wondering. Music is supposed to soothe the soul. If you are in reasonably good health for your age, have a good system and good music to play on it you have it pretty good it seems to me. These are blessings! Be thankful for what you got?

Just a thought.  That's how I see it.
Amen. Social media seems to bring out the worst in some people, who become keyboard warriors. I see it everywhere. "If you don't have something good to say..."
I love a good debate, and often there is no one right answer. I love learning from others, but some seem to want to defend their views and choices like they're rabid dogs. Tiring.
People need to count their blessings when they have them. Health, family, hifi...the usual suspects. These are things all human beings covet. Well, maybe not all covet hifi as much as others but there is even plenty of that to go around these days for those who do. Music soothes the soul. Hence its universal popularity.
Perhaps some people base their self-esteem on being right & audio is so subjective that there are many flavors of "right". 

Does the music make you feel happy? I feel that's all the "rightness" that someone needs in relation to listening to music.
Music can also make you feel sad. It can resonate in many ways emotionally. The great thing about it is that it does in fact register to some extent with pretty much all in different ways. It should be a tool towards contentment and happiness in the end. Helping one to battle  their demons is one of its greatest features.
Oblivious audiophiles can sometimes have that effect on people. To get a feel for just how infuriating it can be when clueless people rudely interrupt a productive conversation watch this amazingly metaphorical dramatization:


I can think of something like 20 people here Will Farrell could be playing, and there must be a hundred threads they have ruined. But at least he’s not playing one of you insufferable virtue signalers. You know why? Zero humor there. None. What. So. Ever.

Hmm well there are guidelines for how to have a civilized discussion. There is no requirement that participants agree. Most often they likely will not. That’s what discussions are for....to live and learn.
Social media makes us worse, sarcasm followed by aggression. No one is having an easy life lately, so this adds up.
I am not sure there is any connection between "audiophile" and "music."

We have lost our way spiritually or humanistically, whichever you prefer.

For some, it is not enough to have a great stereo system, yours must be better than everyone else’s and you have to hammer at that point until the losers admit it.

We are among the most prosperous, the most free, the best fed, the most comfortable, the most entertained people the world has ever known; but it doesn’t make us happy. We have to complain about what we don’t have and we have to get others to admit that what we have is better than what they have.

Maybe learning to appreciate what we have and sharing it with others would make us happier. I don’t know, but what we’re doing now doesn’t seem to be working.

We are among the most prosperous, the most free, the best fed, the most comfortable, the most entertained people the world has ever known; but it doesn’t make us happy.

Hard to argue. Mine is a rhetorical question for sure.

I do think "audiophiles" often just get caught up in the hunt. Sometimes they don’t even know exactly what is is they are hunting for...just a feeling they are missing out on something, somehow. Not an uncommon thing in general  I suspect and not a formula for happiness there.

One would assume the "audio" in "audiophile" refers to music. Maybe it doesn’t really. Maybe there is a more appropriate term out there somewhere?
I should be disgusted with all the ill-tempered people in this game and on this website but I just can't build up the requisite amount of indignation.  Maybe it's because of all the Mozart and Haydn I listen to while I cruise it.
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but I just can't build up the requisite amount of indignation
LOL. Never argue with idiots ... you have to descend to their level and they will *still* beat you with experience ;)

+1 for mapman. All the audiophiles I have personally met have been fun interesting people. We might disagree on some subjects such as tubes versus solid state or vinyl versus digital but the goal has always been to get the best musical playback possible. Online unfortunately,  I do see a lot of anger which may partially be a result of these stressful times. Over the years I have been able to put together a wonderful stereo system that is better musically than anything I  thought possible 20 or 30 years ago. When I need to unwind nothing is better than kicking back with a good fortified beverage and playing some music.
Here here.
Playing a Diane Krall surround SACD mastered by Doug Sax from the public library makes me happy.
On an AVR.
Hardee har har.
I can always play the stereo rip on the big rig.

Enjoy the musical journey folks.

I think that this forum would be much more attractive if we could hide the posts we don’t wanna see or smell like on fb.
We lost our way ? It is hard to lose what you don't have. Yet. We try to find it. Those angry audiophiles try that too, in their own way. Let's be nice to them, it is difficult, I know.
Well said Mapman. Couldn't agree more.

Though I am in reasonably good heath for my age I'm also reasonably fat. Gotta do a little less listening and a little more running.
It’s true that online seems to be the place where people tend to release anger. I am guilty of that from time to time. In person I’ve never had a negative experience interacting with others that share the same interest as I in music and good sound. No need to agree on what’s best. So many tasty flavors of sound!

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01-11-2021 11:43am
Amen. Social media seems to bring out the worst in some people, who become keyboard warriors. I see it everywhere. "If you don't have something good to say..."
I love a good debate, and often there is no one right answer. I love learning from others, but some seem to want to defend their views and choices like they're rabid dogs. Tiring.

I second that Amen !!!!
Sometimes people leave their sense of humor at the door and good humor is key to being relaxed and in good mood. I love talking about audio and no matter what someone's opinion is it never makes me angry. Certain of our members seem to use any opportunity to launch some non-audio related grievances, politics, or a belittling attitude. It needs to stop and I think we can all do a better job of policing ourselves.
I imagine it's the on-line thing.  But let's take a poll:   we've all gone to a friend's house to listen to their system.   And most of us say, "That sounds great!" no matter what we think.    SO:   how many here in that situation have given their friend sh*t or called them names because, say, they have lamp cord for speaker wire, or they just invested in an $8K power cord, use cd's rather than vinyl or have their speakers positioned incorrectly?
Since I was in my early teens,  music has been the source of so much enjoyment for me.  It eases pain, sorrow, stress and even anger.  I can't imagine being without  it.  
I discuss passionnately without hating anybody tough...I appreciate the differences between people like treasures...

The only thing i dont accept easily is the attack on one person or against a group of people all treated the same....

Attacking an idea no problem tough... 😊 I like arguing IF there is a search for truth behind, it is easy to spot if someone can admit his own error or not and never...

Thanks mapman for this wise thread and for remembering us of the ultimate truth...

My best to you and to all....
Years ago, I was at a Dodgers game with a good friend.  The pitcher threw a curve ball.  We immediately began to argue:  "What??  How could you POSSIBLY throw a curve in ..."  "Wait; you HAVE to throw an off-speed ..."   This was amusing for about 30 seconds.  Then we looked at each other.   End of argument.   We enjoyed the rest of the game.   (If we hadn't been face-to-face, I imagine we'd still be reviling each other.)
I can't help seeing Red every time I view MillerCarbon's system pics.

I suppose in practical terms, it is just bad internet manners.  We all get angry and post at times, but maybe we can just try to not respond to the worst offenders.  Maybe they'll get tired of talking to themselves and try to be a little more civil.
Social media trolls are just like any other antagonists. Take road rage for instance. When that overly aggressive driver pulls up next to you and starts honking the horn, he/she is just begging for you to look over and give him/her the fuel needed to continue the burn. When you ignore them, it takes all the wind out of their sails. I have been baited once or twice in these forums. I never respond back in any provocative way because I refuse to give them the fuel they are looking for. They aren’t worth the effort it takes to lower myself to their level.
When I respond to posts here, I try very hard to make it clear that what I say is just my opinion, as it applies personally to me and my system, and not something carved in the stone of the audiophile world. How could it possibly be otherwise? We all have different musical tastes, different listening environments, and different ears. Unfortunately, no matter the venue, you're always going to have "ball busters" trying to make everyone else as miserable as they are. Whether or not you supply their fuel is up to you.
@mapman , 

I agree.  I'm not sure what it is.  I'm on other forums unrelated or less related to this one and folks are more open and excited just to have others with the same interests to "talk to/with"--i.e. guitar forums, diy audio forums, etc.  The consumer electronics side of things is really bizarre to me in this way.  

For instance, on diy audio threads or guitar threads, people are more apt to just help.  If they cannot help or offer something meaningful, they don't jump in.  Here, there are tons of trolls, haters, malcontents, and people who engage in schadenfreude.  What gives?  

Now--full disclaimer--there have been soooooo many here on Audiogon who have helped me over the years!  But it is something to me that many threads I put up involve people making off topic comments, arguing, etc.  Bizarre!  
Naming someone in his absence, even the devil himself, and linking that mention of his name to not any specific post but only to speak about him in a way which is not positive is .... something i dont like ....


Even in this peaceful thread that practice seems to exist... Alas!

This come from my years in school, when the full class was focussing his attention against one whatsoever the reason...And it was not me that was bullied by the way.....😊

It seems to me that things have been much more pleasant around here lately. Also I didn’t notice any audiophiles in that crowd visiting the Capitol Building last week. Spotted a few attitudes there.

I always assumed angry audiophiles were the ones who spent $$$$ on a set of interconnects and didn’t hear a difference. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Because they've realized, all too late, that chasing this hobby is just chasing the dragon and the returns are always diminishing. 
some folks can't handle the fact that there are others who differ from them in some way. 
A precision:

there is not here so much angry audiophiles than frustrated one...

And frustration is not anger, even if frustration can give rise to anger in few cases....

Because they’ve realized, all too late, that chasing this hobby is just chasing the dragon and the returns are always diminishing.

This hobby is NOT about chasing his tail or the dragon tail; it is about figuring out HOW to put a good audio system(not a costly one only) in the conditions that will make it able to work at his optimal potential...

For me it is installation of some embeddings controls in the mechanical,electrical and acoustical dimensions...

After this is done you are no more frustrated, and the upgrading process that is, chasing his tail, ended completely... And the pursuit of the dragon tail, a costly dream of a new electronic component, end also...The diminishing returns are no more a fact that apply to someone who dont need to purchase anything because his audio system, working at his true potential give finally only pure musical joy...

The PROBLEM of this hobby is the marketing conditioning of people to purchase something, the SOLUTION in this hobby is being creative and begin to address the 3 main problems: decreasing the noise floor of the house, drecreasing and controlling of mechanical vibrations and resonance, treating and putting in place good setting and device for the acoustic of the room....


Most audiophiles are comfortably ensconced in their nice houses with their 5k+ systems to sooth their sensitive nerves. Meanwhile the bottom 50% are struggling to just keep up with their daily expenses.
The little audiophile spats are really disgusting when compared to what's happening in this country. Have you no sense of history and what this country stands for?
I'm very fortunate to be able to work from home, during this mess. Don't know what I'd do without some decent music/equipment to listen to, so yes I'm very thankful. It will be interesting how many "pots" will be commenting on the "Black Kettle".
$5k only buys a few good cables. Where are you coming from?
What does this country stand for, by the way?
I think some audiophiles vent their anger or frustration online, hiding behind a username. I just let it pass. Spilled milk only turns sour. 
Yes, 5k for a pair of cables would buy food for a lot of people. You're way out of touch. This country stands for the rule of law not the treasonous blind allegiance to a single individual. We fought the war of independence to escape the authoritarian rule of King George III.
Absolutely! For the last two years I've had the excitement of a teenager with their first stereo. I got mine out from a 15 year hibernation. As I sit her tonight, listening to a very clean UK first pressing of Led Zeppelin III, I realize life couldn't be much better! It's been a blast starting my vinyl collection up again and upgrading all of my components. I'm very thankful.

There is no room for anger. Even when there is a disagreement with buying vinyl online. Today I donated a copy of Paul Desmond Take Ten to my local used hi fi/record shop for the owner to sell. The grading was way off yet the seller was uncompromising. It gave me more pleasure to donate the album to my home town guy and let him sell it cheap to somebody else than return it and have bad feelings about the seller. I'll just avoid him from here on out.
Interesting topic, I know I’ve trigged more than my fair share of audiophiles...this is a great forum for learning and sharing a common interest.

I for now am happy with my NAD HT receiver, I chose it for a dual purpose and I’m not disappointed. Hard to be angry when it captures the emotions of the music.

so cheers to all-I’m thankful for the great deals I’ve gotten on second hand gear, that allows me to relax to great tunes...

We are angry and paranoiac some times just because we always think that we are missing something in our best SQ pursuit, however any good psychiatrist can tell you that mild paranoia could have positive effect on person behaviour and leading to good results in some jobs. So it’s totally fine, it’s just pushing us to constant improvement rush. 
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