Why so many Aloia products for sale?

Just wondering why so many of these highly rated electronics are for sale? Anyone buy them and trade them for something else better?
answer: used audio components always travel in packs.
what you are noticing is the back side of murphy's laws of audio - if you put up something for sale to help finance another in a long chain of "lateral upgrades", there will suddenly appear a dozen identical items to drive down your price.
I know I'll get slammed for responding but who cares.
Since Aloias introduction 3 years ago in the U.S. several hundred have been sold.The aftermarket on these products is relative small in comparison to the number in the market.Currently there are 2 inductive preamps ,1 non inductive preamp, and 4 amps, 2 owned by a person who needs to sell for personal financial reasons,buying new home.Our company has delivered somewhere in the 30 unit range in the last few months continuing to expand the market quickly.If you are interested in these products trust what the pros have to say and be careful about what dealers who
don't sell the product tell you .This is still the most important development in amp technology in decades.There are new models including a cd player to look foward to and the retail prices of the 1301 and 1101 are coming down for the first time in three years.Call Sanibel Sound for the nearest dealer or furthur information.Also notice that it's virtually impossible to find negative comments on this product. Hope this helps,Jack
I was also wondering about this. The brand is extremely popular in Europe, but is relatively unknown here in the States. There probably aren't that many out there to begin with, which makes it surprising that so many would show up for sale at the same time. On the other hand, like the other post mentioned, product models do seem to show up for sale here in groups. For example, someone will post a Plinius SA-100 or an ARC VT-100, and within a few days you might see three or four other ones pop up.

I bought my ST 13.01 here, and over the next few weeks I saw at least three others come up for sale. The seller of my unit upgraded to a pair of the brand new VAC 30/30 series 5 tube amps which retail for $7000/ea.

What is also surprising, is that at the prices these are going for, they don't get snatched up quicker-but again, the Aloia name isn't that well known. For the money, you would be hard-pressed to find a better deal. The people that are buying the Brystons, McCormacks, ect. for the same money just don't know what they are missing...
Most people are name brand buyers(Krell,Levinson,etc.). They are good products and usually get decent resale. The Aloia's maybe a little obscure in the high-end world but they are one of the best regardless of price. They are ranked with Lamm's as an equal(Lars Fredell's review) and bested my Wolcott's, Cary 200's! and just about every solid state I've had in my system. If there's a deal used get them and try bi-amping you will not unhappy. If anyone has heard better please give us a few suggestions
The Aloia products may be one of the best values on the market today. It is a solid state product that is extremely credible even for tube lovers and has a lot more power than one may think. As long as we are talking about the amp and preamp with the inductive power supply, it is truly a breakthrough product for the money.

Anyone wanting to sell the 13.01 or 11.01, email me, I will buy them!