Why so little Primare gear on A'gon? Bad rep?

I notice that very little Primare gear appears for sale here on A’gon. Is that because those who own Primare products love them and never want to get rid of them? Or is it because Primare has some sort of negative reputation that I don’t know about, so very few A’goners own it in the first place?

As you might infer, I am considering purchasing some Primare equipment, specifically, a CD player. Probably either a used D30.2 or a new D21. Any thoughts on Primare and its CD players would be appreciated.
Recently got a store demo PRIMARE CD35 ( CD/STREAMER).  Have not figured out how to get it to work !
1)  The CD plays for 5 seconds then stops.
2) Will not connect to internet ( im using LAN cable)... Its uses something called CHROMECAST ?
IM an old man / old school who is over whelmed by this digital mumbo jumbo !!!
Can not find any help online or youtube video to show how this thing works !!!
Have not messed with it since , totally frustrated !!!
All i noticed is , that is has a FACTORY RESET ...would that help ???
~~~ thanks for any advice ~ vk
seems to me that primare has really been pretty passive with their us market presence

they do have a us importer/distributor, i have dealt with them, not very impressive - rather lax attitude as far as i could tell

they do have a good brand name and build very high quality kit though, but i think they focus much more on the european market these days
These days Crutchfield carries Primare.  Even if they didn't sell you the unit, it's possible one of their tech advisors might be able to help you.