Why so few turntable reviews?

I'm looking for a new table. The nearest dealer is hundreds of miles away and MAYBE has 2 tables on display to listen to, so I have to depend on reviews. But just try and find them. For example, the new Thorens tables. How about the new Marantz table? Saw 1 review of that and the review wasn't that informative.

What tables are YOU curious about and think need a review? Cartridges, too!
You might consider asking the people who hang around this forum for their recommendations and what basis they have for making them. I think that the users here could offer reviews that are as thoughtful as some of those found in magazines, and also offer opinions on a lot of different turntables, arms, and cartridges.

I think that you find that there is a wealth of knowledge here.
Not sure if you are aware of ecoustics.com. If not, check it out. It seems to be a central depository of ALL reviews of HT and Audio Products found anywhere on the web. Here is a link to the turntable reviews. You can search, or display all in cronological order, or display all alphabetically by manufacturer.



Since turntables are an 'archaic' format, and the tiny 'revival' currently underway is NOT ENOUGH to merit reviews.
(Hey! I like LPs too!!)
99% of the old farts who never gave up LP have the TT they want or already know what they would upgrade to.
The rest of us can just put up with the paucity of info, since as soon as the small current 'retro' Lp movement dies off... so will the last of the turntables.
Buy one NOW, while you can!
(I have a used Dual 7000 Golden One, and a Denon DP-59L...
10,000 LPs found in about 2 years just a few years ago... for my old age!)
A few years ago tons of LPs were floating around and being nearly given away. Now they are "hot" and hard to find and expensive for decent copies. This will change in a few years again.. when the fad dies, and good LPs will again be $0.20 each by the hundreds...
Good luck.
I've posted a couple of VPI turntable reviews on Audio Asylum. I tried to be subjective and concise.
Perhaps - as you said Elizabeth - t/t's are an anachronism and the market for them is tiny.
Count me in amongst the old farts who have never given up on vinyl! My view is that the vinyl revival will out last you and I.
Perhaps because the differences in the cartridge, tonearm and phono stage dwarf differences between turntables?
Hmmm, I am not so sure that the "current" LP movement as you call it will die off anytime soon. There are good reasons why this format never died to begin with, and until digital provides the same level of emotional engagement to the listening experience, I think we'll see it hang around indefinitely. Also, the interactive aspect of this format is part of the fun. Used LPs of good quality are still abundant and cheap where I live (~$1 a piece used).

Having said that, I also look forward to when they return to $0.20 again!
It is a curious observation an a true one at that. You hardly ever see one on a cover of an audio mag. Unless it is a statement piece(Like high cost Caliburn). Otherwise you might find some review in an analog corner or something. Besides there are not too many newer models being made.I guess demand being low. I am also beginning to think that Elizabeth may be right.