Why so few pictures posted in Virtual systems?

Listen guys, I know most of you have a digital camera. I constantly click on new systems. Long Detailed write ups.But NO PICTURES.Post more pics guys. I for one think their should be a systems folder just for SYSTEMS WITH PICS.
Hi Ericp
Just posted my system(with pics). Pls preview at:
Yes more pix, I wish Agon would expand 6 picture limit to 12 for even more details to be shown.

I can hardly believe people who spend huge amounts of money on audio gear don't have basic digital camera! Also the lack of pictures included with classified adds is really sad......no real excuse not to have pictures with add.
Like the persian rugs........holy smokes are those empty Fosters lager beer cans being used to lift cables off floor?
People probably don't have digital cameras.
Man, I took the time to take 4 megapixel digital photos of MY equipment, FULLY expecting to make "Cool Pics of the Day." I didn't, and now I'm bitter. :-<
You need to shoot the smallest size for the web. I have a canon 10 d high is 6.3 pixels medium is 2.8 megpix and small is 1.6 shoot small for web
I have a digital camera that is 4 years old now, a Sony Mavica. It takes lousy pictures so why bother? It's entirely possible I just haven't learned all the ins and outs of the camera but I use it rarely. I'm an audiophile, not a shutter bug
I guess it goes both ways. There's no denying that pictures can go a long way to sell an item. However, if what you have to sell isn't in the best of shape, etc... then it can compromise a sale. But one thing's for sure: Don't bother posting pictures that are so blurry, or so dark that no one can even make out what it is.

Megasam, empty Fosters? Nah, they're full...I wish.
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Grown people swapping pictures of their stereos...I dunno, doesn't do much for me. I may post my at-bay V-system, but depsite my digital camera ownership, its not going to be a pictorial.
Ohlala, Just curious when you open a stereo magazine do you just read the articles or Do you enjoy looking at the pics of the components being reviewed. As for being grown
why bother logging on here at all non- audiophiles think were all crazy.
This is actually a good question. Posting pictures of your system should be promoted, especially if you hold yourself out as an expert and perform reviews. The value is not in seeing the equipment, but seeing the listening room and how it is setup.

Few things impact the sound of a system more than the listening room. I know if I move my listening position or speakers 12 inches one way or another, I will change the sound probably more than an equipment upgrade - not to mention the effects of furniture/room treatments/etc.

Just take a Radio Shack SPL meter and measure your inroom results compared to the equipment specs. I doubt anyone's room remains +- 3db throughout the entire frequency range (even with a dedicated listening room and extensive treatments, I'm lucky to stay that close in just the majority of the primary listening range. Without proper setup/treatment, it was much worse). In short, room setup can be just as important as the components used.

Now, can you tell very much from a picture? No, but I'll give you an example where it helps...

I don't want to name the particular audiogon member, but he very often posts strong opinions on the merits of the gear he uses. When you look at his list of equipment, it is very impressive (probably close to $20k). However, when you look at the pictures of his setup, it almost totally sabotages my confidence in his reviews. It's not that I doubt what he's hearing, but when you have a cramped room, speakers squished together, a big screen TV almost touching them, no window treatments, etc, I'm very confident saying that he is not getting near the best out of his equipment and thus one should properly weight his comments on comparisons of equipment made in that room.

In fact, I've always wished the professional reviewers would publish pictures of their listening rooms in addition to the equipment being reviewed. I don't claim to know it all, but I'm also not going to blindly follow a reviewers advice without feeling confident in their abilities. Adding pictures of their systems is one way a reviewer can help gain credibility with discerning readers.
I don't get why people bother linking pics off of the manufacturer's website. I rather see the component in the user's environment.