Why shouldn't I bi-wire Wilson Watt/Puppies 6

I just aquired a pr of WWP6's and saw in a review that "Wilson will void the warrentee if one bi-amps or bi-wires these speakers". I have a pr. of bi-wire Nordost SPM reference that I would like to use but this has got me scratching my head. I just set the room this morning using a pr. of Cary 805b amps. The speaker wires are plugged into the 8ohm and 4ohm taps on the Carys and then bi-wired to the Wilsons. Nothing has been turned on yet as I had to go to work, (where I'm writing this from;-) If anyone can enlighten me as to any possible problems from this setup, it would be appreciated. I don't want to have to wait to talk to Wilson on Tues before playing some tunes!
Void the warranty? Sounds silly to me. They may recommend not biwiring because they think they sound better with their own jumpers, but there is nothing that could damage the speakers with biwiring.

How could they void the warranty? They could never prove you operated them this way.

Are you intending to use the 8 ohm and 4 ohm taps at the same time? The cabinet hooked to the 8 ohm tap will be getting more power. You should you use the same tap for both cabinets.
" I don't want to have to wait to talk to Wilson on Tues before playing some tunes! "

Why wait? Just connect one run of your Nordost cables and cap of the other set to insure you don't shot something out. Then talk to Wilson when you get a chance.


The amp side of the wires have bananas, so I can't connect both to the same tap. Running one part of the wire is happening at 6:30 tonight, can't wait. As far as the 8 ohm and 4 ohm taps putting out different amounts of power, wouldn't matter would it if they are both connected to the puppy binding post?? I'm really only running two sets of speaker wire to the same binding post from two different taps, 8 and 4 ohm. See any problems?
I'm really only running two sets of speaker wire to the same binding post from two different taps, 8 and 4 ohm.

Perhaps I'm confused but it sounds to me like you would be shorting out 1/2 of your output transformer, which would be a major problem. Don't do this unless you are positive you are doing it correctly or you could do some serious damage to the amp.

I like the other idea of using 1/2 the cable and leaving the others disconnected.
Thanks for that comment. That's exactly why I posted here, over my depth and now may have avoided trouble. Thanks again.
You'd be bypassing the crossover as well, so in all, not a good idea.


I haven't seen the latest versions but the earlier ones had the crossovers in the cabinets. Is the 6 different?
I have wp 6's. The issue is you by pass the crossover when done the way you are asking. You can run your Watts full range direct to your amps. The Watt's produce about 90% of the sound. The Puppies the low low bass only.

Bi wiring the speakers this way may cause some interection with both cross overs and and your amp. I'd stick to their recommendation.

b/c of your bannana's at one end, I'd only use one part of your bi wire to each speaker. You'll still get great sound. Order a adapter to hook things up right.

You have one of the best speakers anywhere...don't mess around with using both taps off your amp and hooking up both terminals of the watt and the puppy. The designers did things for a reason....

You'll have killer tunes using only 1/2 of your cables...buy some adapters and be happy...or try some different speaker cables..the wp 6's are VERY revealing...you may/may not like something different...
The adapters you refer to are from Nordost? Hooked up and running now, sound very good but in no way do I think I'm close to having the speakers setup in position, etc. Just connected a REL studio II that will also need attention to make "fit". I'm so damn tired tonight that I'll just be listening to things as they are:).
Thnx for the input!
The adapters ...not sure if Nordost makes them. Try going to AudioAdvisor.com, they should have something that will do it...several brands I'm sure...
Jfrech, just curious. Are you saying the entire crossover is in one cabinet and the jumper that feeds the other cabinet is being fed a signal that has already gone through the crossover? If so that would explain why they don't want you to biwire or biamp, you would be bypassing the crossover for one cabinet as you stated.

When new don't they come with the jumper ? The puppy tail?
Herman: No, there are 2 crossovers. The Watt (bass/mid and top) is inside the top section. The low bass to bass/mid is in the bottom section. The Watt's are full range speakers and sound great by themselves. The puppy's add the low end. And seroius kick in the low end.

The puppy tail is essentially connecting one cross over to another...not a traditional bi wire...