Why should i be a fan of Revel speakers?

Hello Agoners,
I have/ had owned a long list of entry level Sonus Faber Speakers from Concertinos to Tiutos, so I'm very familiar with their (entry level) house sound. Now, I'm looking to add more to my collection and Revel speakers come up. 
Please tell me why should I (or should not) be a fan of Revel?
How diff in house sound from SF?
On my radar are the like M20, M22, f30, f32 Ultima Gem.

My electronics are 
Cdp: Cary 303, Bryston bcd1
Integrated amp: Cayin k88t tubes
Preamp: Jeff Rowland Capri
Amps: Belles 350 v2, Belles 150 v2, Threshold s500.


Have the Revel Ultima Studio 1's. IMO you need to couple them with really "musical" components. Run tube CD players into tube pre and big Class A Mono Blocks and they come alive. Run them with too much analytical equipment and they can sound a bit cold and sterile.
Have listened to both Revel F32 and Sonus Luito. F32 are more revealing compared to Luitos with solid state however it depends on quality. F32 tends to be clean with good low end and sound stage. Luitos are more musical but a bad recording will be revealing just not as much. F32 need more power than older Luito (4ohm/single wire). Luito were not as fast More aggressive rock/metal/alt,etc. were not as musical compared to less aggressive music. I have F32s and was going to upgrade to Luito and decided to stay with F32. Decided to add a REL T7 sub to mix which helped with piano dominated music (for example) as well as hip-hop and trip-hop. 

Revel F32
Musical Fidelity M6
Ayre QB9 DSD
VPI HW19 MKIII - with upgraded acrylic scout platter and inverted bearing.
Transparent Ultra MM2 IC and speakers
Shunyata Black Mamba CX power cables
I've been incredibly happy with my Revel F 12's driven by a Rogue Audio Cronus amp.  The sound of music is sublime !
Thinking about upgrading my sonus faber cremona auditor m(s) stand mounted for revel reference 1 stand mounts. Good idea or bad idea? If so, why in your opinion? Thanks so much in advance
Revel’s get praise for having such a wide listening area, and they sound pretty good. Listen to them yourself. I would suggest play some horn music as well, sax and trumpets. In the demo I heard I heard things I didn’t like there. You should use your own judgement.