Why should audiophile deniers be allowed on an audiophile forum?

Why should we be subjected to audiophile deniers, on a site dedicated to audio?
It’s antithetical to the hobby and adds nothing to the pursuit. I want to quote something from another thread.

@djones51 wrote "exposing bull products like "audiophile switches, cables, fuses " and other highly questionable devices that serve no purpose"

What then, is the purpose of people with this agenda being on this site? To “expose bull products.” It’s fine for someone to post they tried a product and it didn’t work for them, but to dismiss entire product categories is not a discussion that belongs on an enthusiast forum.

Would a car enthusiast site stand for this type of post?

Try going on a Porsche forum, just for example, and posting that your Mustang is just as fast 0-60 and that others poster’s claims about their driving experience is “dubious.” See how long that will be tolerated

There are plenty of sites to poke fun at audiophile’s obsession with cables, power conditioners etc. Why does it belong here, especially when we can’t mute specific posters?

What’s next? Arguing that speakers that measure the same must sound the same and that we are all suckers for buying expensive speakers? I thought we got rid of trolling?

Isn’t it obvious with all the ASR related posts here lately we are being trolled?

A couple of months back I read a post here about someone that ordered a new cat8 cable from China. I tried it and posted back my fantastic results for others to benefit.

Personally that’s the kind of forum I’m interested in, not to come here to be challenged about what I hear and that since it can’t be measured so it must be “dubious.”







Yes we should allow them and then attack the crude out of them

Make disparaging remarks about their lack of education

Attack their ethical reason for being here

Post graphics depicting our superiority over their lowly existence

Make sure to post the almighty "Yawn" because the discussion that everyone else in enjoying is beneath us

Call them names, I mean direct insults make sure their is no way they can not understand our audiophile superiority.




Why should anyone assume this or any web site with a free open forum

But it is not a free and open forum here. 

Just ask all the outcasts. 

This is why the MSM and the Far Left are freaking about Musk buying Twitter. They will lose their blowtorch for their agendas. 

As it is now like here they can squash all opposing views. 

The quotation of questionable source that advocates "never learning from people that always agree with you" springs to mind.

IMHO audiofoolery and audio myths permeate the industry, but scammers and conmen/women across all walks of life have existed since time immemorial. That said; I don’t support berating anyone for their beliefs. Obviously any intent to cause harm is excluded.

If a friend discussed buying "audio rocks" or something equally inane, I’d gently caution them, but if they persisted; I’d back off immediately, as it’s their money to spend as they wish.

I’m also a firm believer in diminishing returns and cannot personally discern sound quality improvements (differences maybe) in equipment after a certain price point. BUT: That’s me. If others wish to chase "perfection" so be it. I will probably benefit indirectly, via trickle down technology anyway.

Exclusivity and cliques are also a big turnoff for me.  Can't stand that gibberish.  It's synonymous with inbreeding.

I don't see why trolls should be given an equal footing in a forum dedicated to music enjoyment and the gear that gets us there. F*ck free speech. That's been the rallying call of trolls, naysayers and provocateurs since, forever.

This place is not a confessional, a psychiatrist's office or some bastard form of a rappers duel. Nor is it a place to proselytize or strut around with one's sandwich board.

If you have an agenda to disrupt, annoy and troll, take a hike. You're not welcome here. So stop with the "I've got a right to free speech BS". No. You don't. You're just a few rungs down the ladder from yelling "fire!" in a crowded theater and need to grow up. Go get your kicks playing on the freeway yelling at the cars that you have the right to be there, or go swimming in a lake full of gators and tell them it's a free country and you can swim wherever you want. I need the laugh.

All the best,

Who decide who is a troll?

Are we a troll from the womb? 😁😊

or is being a troll is being a provocator times to times to stir the pot??

Some here are born with truth, armed with truth, and decide who is and who is not a troll...like some pope...

In my experience here trolls are not so common, most people here are people with a strong bias, we all have our own biases, i dont want to ban people save in exceptional case...

I prefer discussion with ARGUMENTS....

no one is able to PROVOKE ME why?

Because i can have arguments...and i can recognize if i am wrong with someone for some reason...

i dont want and will not call anybody here a "troll"...

I dont see that often...

What i see is sometimes some people time to time troll some discussion... But for godsake it is EASY to answer without insulting people...myself i certainly stir the pot sometimes... Am i a troll?


Why qualify someone of troll so easily?

Guess why?

Dividing people more is stupid...The good and the bad really? Some like to clothe themselves in "truth"...

I prefer clear and rational discussions...

i hate censorship... I dont hate any alleged "trolls" qualified so by a "pope"...

I like people of ANY kind, from any opinions, and from any ideology...

But i want to discuss not banning people... I even like the pope here... 😁😊




And who has the innate right to proclaim this save a "pope" :

«I don’t see why trolls should be given an equal footing in a forum dedicated to music enjoyment and the gear that gets us there. F*ck free speech. That’s been the rallying call of trolls, naysayers and provocateurs since, forever.»

Sorry i like free speech more than your proclaimed self rightfulness ...

Why not loving people who are not in accordance with our own "truth"?

I love millercarbon and nonoise alike... why?

Because they have strong character... And i am nor republican nor democrat this help a lot !

But i have also a strong character...And i am not perfect this is why i may apologize time to time...


About free speech: the great Voltaire involved in all injustices combats of his time once said:

«Father, I hate what you write, but I will give 
my life so that you can continue to write.» 

These words are the sign of greatness...

Who will dare to contradict that?

The fathers of America constitution perfectly know Voltaire greatness, guess what comes from this fact ?