Why should a perfectly good cd, skip a beat ?

Anyone know how it is that i can have a cd play perfectly one time, put it away then take it off the rack one month latter, and find that it skips ? This happens every now and then. Most recently with a Luther Johnson cd on the Telarc lable. Not to sound really stupid, but can skin oils screw up the plastic on a cd ?

How best to clean them when they do skip?

Does this happen with all CD's or just one? If more than one, then maybe look to the laser alignment on your CD player.

Outside chance on one to two CD's if the hole is not perfectly centered, or is to small or large to fit correctly on the transport, so it spins a little off. Could also be a combination of all of the above.
Use warm water and dish soap WITHOUT any type of "skin softening agent" ( oils or creams ) to remove surface dirt and oils from CD's. Make sure that you rinse thoroughly and blot them dry using a soft cloth. Wiping them dry can mar the surface and you end up doing more damage than good. Sean
i had a similar problem - turns out that having the cd player between my massive ATC's was the problem. just too much energy would cause the player to skip on anything with a nice kick drum turned up too loud. put the cd player on mana stands and the problem vanished. plus it sounds better, too.
Lazarus, you mean that CD's are just as susceptible to acoustic feedback / vibrations as "junky old analogue" is ??? : ) Sean
I don't know what you're using now, but you do have an excellent rationale to upgrade your cdp. Then, clean your cds like Sean said. Clean them after you buy your new cdp, then you can always justify the purchase and the nirvana of your new sound with NO skipping. Just an audiophool's spin on a spin. Have fun. peace, warren

P.S. WARNING, WARNING, this may lead to more than just a cdp upgrade.