Why Sellers Forget To Update Ads, Sold/ Pending

I don't get it!!!!!! It must be me.

How many times have you inquired on an item only to get the reply that it's sold. This happens all to often.
I'm not talking about the "just posted item" but the 2-3 week or longer listing.
If the ad was marked accordingly,we wouldn't waste our time inquireing on it.
When I post an item for sale.I make sure to update the ad to sold if paid or pending if conformation of sale is made.

I guess I shouldn't expect too much from others. But HEY, They expect it from me.

Sorry but I had to vent.

This is a great site,No, actually the BEST Audio site on the web, bar none.
Thanks for listening, Rick.
Yeah, remember the Counterpoint SA-5000 that was listed for $600 obo. I emailed saying I would send a bank check the next day. I never even got an answer after several emails. Now you think the guy would have said I have an offer you can offer more if you want the unit since it was best offer??? Well I emailed Agon and I finally got a response that the unit was sold about 3 days later from the person, but the ad was not updated until about 5 days later. Really pissed me off that I could not make an offer on the unit and I know I was one of the first persons since I responded when there were only 10 views.

Just ventiing with ya!

By the way, the unit I listed is SOLD! LOL
Makes you wonder why the ad is still alive if the item is sold, why not just delete the ad altogether? "Sale Pending" is my pet peeve. If someone commits and tells me that payment is forthcoming I list it as sold... if the sale falls through I spend the $3 and re-list. Sale Pending ads screams I DON'T TRUST THE BUYER TO LIVE UP TO HIS END OF THE DEAL AND I'M CHEAP. I feel better now.
Its in the subject of your post (Sellers forget). At least I do. Guilty as charged.
Well I have to agree and disagree with some and others.

Yes, I hate it when I inquire on an item just to get a snide response, (if I'm lucky to even get one at all) - that I'm somehow wasting their time for being interested in what they're selling. Or, along the same lines, submitting an offer and not getting a response for a few days. All the while, you're left in limbo not knowing whether or not you should move on to the next deal.

But as far as marking your ads as "Sale Pending"... I'm not so bothered by it. I think at least it tells potential buyers that though the item may be spoken for, there's still a chance. I've been on both ends of this (as a seller and buyer).

I know that buyers can flake. As a buyer, if an ad is marked "sale pending", I'll take it as awaiting payment and that it's not a done deal. I'll be inclined to submit a back up offer just in case it falls through. But if it's marked 'sold'... I'm not going to bother the seller. I don't want to annoy, pester or unnecessarily clutter anyone's mailbox. And I'm sure others think the same way. Not only that, but it at least makes it appear as though the ad is being updated.

I don't think it tells the buyer you don't trust him. It simply just allows the seller to have continued, possible interest until the money is in the bank.
How does one go about eliminating an offer to sell when the item is sold? There is no record on My Page nor can I figure out how to edit the ad.


I guess I've been pretty lucky. if I 've inquired about an item that doesn't say "sold or sale pending", the seller has pleasantly emailed back saying that they"re just waiting on money from an accepted offer and they will let me know if the deal falls through. So far, all the sellers have kept their email promises. Also when sellers have multiple items, I've seen people update each item listed or like me (guilty) only put "sold" after every item is purchased. Sorry if it causes you consternation.
Interesting post, but a little history seems relevant. Some of you may remember the "good ole days" of AudioMart and more recently, the RAM usergroup. I used these earlier methods for years to buy and sell. IMO, using Audiogon, even with the occasional annoyance,is a VAST improvement.
I think we have all experienced the same frustrations and I am at a loss for an explanation. For the most part, this site is a wonderful forum for those of us who love this avocation and the overwhelming number of positive experiences outnumber the negative but it is surprising when feedback or responses are not forthcoming. I can only assume that some users do not share my enthusiasm for this forum and therefore take it for granted that once the transaction takes place, their responsibility to acknowledge the transaction has ended. This is unfortunate because such a forum is invaluable to true devotees and participation may suffer because of such lapses in common courtesy. Just my two cents.
Thanks to all who responded to this.
Thought that this thread might be interesting.

"I don't think it tells the buyer you don't trust him. It simply just allows the seller to have continued, possible interest until the money is in the bank".
I think this is a valid point.

Go to mypage and click on active ads.
Then you can use the options to change it.
Hope this helps.

Hello Audiogoners, I mark my ads as sale pending once I have been notified by the buyer that the payment is "in the mail". I just completed a sale where the buyer sent the payment by regular mail and it never showed up. He did send it overnight about 10 days after the first mailing. I appreciate seeing ads marked as sale pending or sold so that I can decide if I want to contact the seller to put me on a contact "list" if the item falls through. Other wise I can move on to the next ad for the same or similar item. Some sales do not work out. I have noticed some ads now say to consider the item available until marked sold. I take that to mean the seller will be dilligent in letting us know when it is sold. If I sell an item I will sometimes type in the word SOLD in the title without marking the ad as SOLD through Audiogon's edit method. That way the buyer can receive the item, compare it's condition to the ad to be sure it is in their mind as decribed, before the ad deletes itself. Sometimes the AGS system leaves alot open for interpretation. After the item has been received and feedback is posted, I then cancel the ad so members won't waste time reviewing an item that is no longer available. It has worked well for me. I am always a little bothered when I commit to buy an item, reach an agreement and suddenly the ad disappears. It makes it hard to review the terms and conditions and also to keep track of the seller's member name. Usually I will print a copy of the ad for my reference. Just my thoughts. Audiogon is the best site I have found to trade on. Safe trading!!!