Why Purchase A CD Player or Transport ?

I am 100% invested in vinyl, but want to improve my digital equipment chain.

Once I’ve upgraded my streaming equipment, why purchase a quality CD/SACD transport?

Is there a large enough subset of music that sounds better via optical media?


@jafant -  The audio shops that were in Memphis are long gone. Feel free to reach out when you are in Memphis

Ok… 150… in a couple days, still must have taken some time. 

i went to the vinyl store yesterday… it is still fun. Even though I listen to streaming 98% of the time.

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08-14-2022 at 11:14am 
You ever hear of “ The Incredible Broadside Brass Bed Band? LOL, I didn’t think so😁

Or "The Black Dykes Mills Brass Band"

Yep--true in the North of England!


LP’s , cd, cassettes, I only,spend money on actual product,have the McCormack UDP-1, pioneer elite dv-58av,..dv-48av, dv-79-avi, and an elder 5cd Sherwood carousel which still sounds great after 20+ years,.each has their own signature tone,


evenings, I will plug in my iPod on shuffle at medium volume for background tunes when my cousin comes over for no other reason than to get so,e of my 25 year single malt




 everyone does it different, I enjoy getting off my fat ass to flip the lip, and put in another cd, gives me effort to grab another beer, or pour so,e scotch in my glass.


if you stream, awesome.