Why pay so much for super high end?

Most speakers costing $50,000+ use Seas, Scan Speak or Accuton.

In DIY forums most speakers designed use bargain drivers and usually are only 2.0 designs not bookshelf or center speakers to complete a surround system.

I’d love to have a Scan Speak 11 speaker system for atmos with 3 way bookshelves, center and floorstanders.

Why aren’t the designs out there and why are you guys pissing away all your money.

Personally I won’t get an upgrade from my speakers unless it’s of this caliber and neither can I afford nor want to donate money to these thieves.

A 3rd party 11 speaker atmos scan Speak system would be nice but I’m not spending $250,000.

Why on earth aren’t there designs out there for this and why do you all piss away your money?

I don’t get why hi fi isn’t all DIY even honest factory direct companies mark up 300%.

Unless you pull in $1+ million a year and don’t have any time I don’t get it.

Are you guys lazy?

Someone easily could design a great crossover and cabinets for everyone and the days of paying over $3,500 for a pair of loud speakers if you got some time or know a friend who could build cabinets would be over. I know of people who could design cabinets that rival $100,000 speakers and cost less than 1% than that.  Someone with some experience could easily design a diamond, beryllium and soft dome and various versions for various tastes.

I don’t get it. Speakers are so simple.  Crossovers cabinets and drivers.

You guys just throw your money away I don’t understand it why?

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the web has sites for diy guys and they are very serious dudes. i am sure they make fantastic spkrs for much less. with software its not like it takes nasa to do this. its just that we dont have the trial and error budgets big companies have. hell even dayton audio sells kits that likely deliver big values. i have full rangers in open baffles and added a sub..it is a joke how little it cost and it sounds as good as spkrs i owned that were 4 times more costly
Well, if you buy a kit that is pre-designed like from @pbnaudio you can get excellent price/performance.

Learning good speaker design from scratch takes time. No, trial and error really is not the way to go. :)

Honestly, unless you want to spend several months learning about speaker analysis, measurement and crossover deisng, pre-built or pre-designed kits are the way to go.

I do think every serious audio hobbyist should build at least 1 kit in their lifetimes though. Doesn’t have to be very expensive, but you’d learn a tremendous amount, and help you appreciate really stellar commercial designs.