Why pay so much?

If you want to think cables make a huge difference in sound fine...but why pay up to $70,000 for speaker wire?

You can buy 38 lbs of 99.99% bullion silver for $10,000 or 4000 lbs of 99.99% bullion copper.

Buying a pair of 12 foot $5,000 wire is obserd it costs like $30 to make and WBT connectors are also highly inexpensive to make too.

Why do you guys shell out money on a clear fact that you guys are insecure about using low priced stuff and these people know that and take advantage of that.

How do you guys let yourself taken advantage of?
Taters is that you?

Come on, not again this imbecility.
To each his own with what sounds good and what doesn't....but the facts are when it boils down to it you're buying stranded copper that costs cents per foot when wiring like wel signature costs $1000s per foot....many wires cost their price in gold....a 20 foot pair of silver plated copper wel signatures costs nearly 4 pounds of bullion gold.
Expensive wires make you a real man.  My friends come over and all say the same thing.  
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11-19-2016 1:19am
Come on, not again this imbecility..."

+1....... kudos to Inna.... nailed it !,,,, full stop.

ps to the OP

you have the same trolling crap in your matched current new post about "expensive" equipment. 
I buy what i think is the best sounding it may not be cheap though right now I'm using all Stealth.
How do you guys let yourself taken advantage of?
Classic troll.
Whoa! What! No cross thread trolling permitted here!

Same troll with new moniker.  Soon rest of them will jump in ... what I can't afford is over priced.   What's fair is what I can afford.
Funaudiofun, Please go away. This is not the forum for you. Inciting argument and anger, as you clearly intended, is unwanted. You have a Personality Disorder and need treatment. Please just go away. 

   "  obserd "   Says it all.
Try absurd...
You are paying for confirmation bias - it can be very expensive
Fun audio fun, 
What do you care?  If it bothers  you  so much  then go build your own system  and  a house  to put it in and leave others to their own choices.  Jeez you're obnoxious! 
Don't feed the troll.

Oh, but it's so much fun to feed the troll!  The posts get longer, the implied and discrete invectives get so sharp you can almost see the hair standing on end, the blood pressures rise, the pound of the keys, the muttering at the monitors....  Like a slow-mo car crash where there's no impact, just page after page of roiling rant 'n rave.

An audioholic's version of pro wrestling or sumo...IMHO.

"I like the sound of the broken pieces,
I like the lights and a siren she says..."
taters did disappear?
It could be skankhunt42, he was causing a ruckus for my friends at South Park. Eric C got his devices destroyed as a result of an unwarranted troll accusation :). 
Troll.  Inna +1
The problem is that components with no scientific or engineering explanation are being sold for enormous sums of money to people who do not understand the need for proper listening tests.

Personally, I have wrapped all my ferro-fluid pressurized cables in the special maple tubular veneers sold by mapleshady and it makes an incredible difference as long as I look at the wood grain.  When I close my eyes the effect disappears. 
Another troll.  If you cannot tell the difference just say it - no need to be defensive about it.  Not everybody is equipped with the same hearing ability.

Troll traits:
Can't spell
Lots of exclamation points
Instantly identifiable POV
Provocative framing of argument

Troll remedies:
Try ignoring again

good luck with that

All the best,
Another troll trait, if I can be so bold, is the use of a moniker that appears absolutely legit, as if the troll really is an audio nut or audio insider. You know, a moniker like say audiopro, hififreak or....funaudiofun

Not everybody is equipped with the same hearing ability.

Roughly true, but the issue is not whether you hear a difference, it is whether you think you hear a difference when you really are a victim of confirmation bias.

Assuming the OP is really a troll, he is making fun of such victims.
Give the trolls a break. I doubt anyone could hear the difference in a cave or under a bridge.
The problem is that components with no scientific or engineering explanation are being sold for enormous sums of money to people who do not understand the need for proper listening tests
... and this is a "problem" for who, exactly? You? Why should this trouble you so? Why can't each audiophile decide for himself what a "proper" listening test is?

Am I mistaken or have controlled blind tests raised their ugly heads? Quick, somebody turn the Fasten Seat Belts sign on.

Trolling aside, does the OP not have a point though? Some cables are ridiculously priced.
Why can't each patient decide for himself what a "proper" test of a medicine is?


besides there are innocent people who might see some of the inanity here and waste their money
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yes, the OP has a point -- Some cables are ridiculously priced.

it is easy to test too!
Wilkepedia definition of an Internet Troll

"....Internet troll

In Internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion,  often for the troll's amusement.."

As previously commented on, don't feed the troll.

Time for the moderators to step in and 
(1) simply lock down this crap thread and similar crap ones. If they do not, it's identification by association - full stop.
(2) Trolls hide behind that central plank of cowardly anonymity provided by forum monikers and a laissez-fair administration by the moderators above. Trolling can be addressed by an initial stern cease and desist warning by the website moderators for subject matter thst fits the internet troll definition above,  a second trolling occurrence creates a six-month forum ban for the troll , and a third strike in trolling is a lifetime ban. 

Time for the moderators to step in and ...
If you want the moderators to intervene, you need to flag the post. That's the way it's done.

Funaudiofun is your name...??
are you sure... it doesn't sound like your having any audio fun..

Geez, what intolerance. If you don't like the thread, nobody forces you to read it. I seriously doubt that all audiophiles are so closed minded that attacking the poster is considered good form. The original thought, that this hobby is loaded with pricey fluff is certainly valid. Yes, it could have been phrased better, no question but good heavens, no room for dissent or we go running for the moderators? Really?
Well said kqvkq9.
I have been an audio enthusiast for many years. Now that I'm retired I find that the factor of diminishing returns plays a big part in the selection of gear and cables. It is my concern that when it becomes more about the high price attached than about value and great sound, the few manufactures out there that make very good sounding and performing equipment, at a reasonable price, will decide the best way to market and sell their equipment is to add a ghastly high price tag - not so good for those of us who can't afford the price of a luxury auto or small house to spend on a nice audio system.

I see you still are concerning yourself with other peoples expenditures.

Do you  not have anything to post that does not slam others?

......just let this post die 
this thread is specifically about speaker wire and the OP mentions $70,000

who thinks that you should spend more than $10k on speaker wire to improve the sound in your system?

who thinks you should spend more than $1k?

and mea culpa, I have kimber on mine, but the dealer threw it in when I bought my Maggies and I'm too lazy to swap it out for zip cord

I used to work in 94107, that's by PacBell in San Francisco. The guys at Monster Cable used to come in all the time laughing about their new "Turbo" this and and whatever wonder marketing scheme they could come up with. Of course it all sounded the same. That was, what, 25 years ago and nothing has changed. There is a guy I went to High School with that has had a High End  shop forever. One day I was there talking to him and these guys came in complaining about how some megabuck cables they had bought were "Too bright". He gave me a look like it was time for me to get lost while he tried to finesse the know nothing types that had more money than brains.

Now everybody has a right to spend their money in a fashion that they see fit. It's nobody's business, not really. The Diamond industry for instance makes zillions selling what is a rather common mineral through tight control and marketing. HiFi marketers have every right to fleece a public begging to be taken. The market is there after all.

That doesn't mean that those that point out the obvious are somehow misguided or "trolls".

I use zip cord myself. I've tried lots of fancy pants cables in the 40+ years
that I've been doing this . That covers many hundreds of amplifiers.
Imagination is a hearty part of this hobby. Imagination is good.

So is realism...
Time for the moderators to step in and
(1) simply lock down this crap thread and similar crap ones. If they do not, it's identification by association - full stop.
Really, are we so insecure that every dissenting opinion should be stomped out like the first zombie in an apocalypse?  

While I couldn't care less what others spend on cables, and I am all about capitalism and pricing based on what the market will bear, I agree with the OP that some cable manufacturers have elevated their product and brand to the point where owning their cables approaches more of a validation of social standing than a good value.  But hey, that is simply considered good marketing in many other industries.  People will vote with their wallets so why worry about it?
One correction to an otherwise good post:

HiFi marketers have [some] right to fleece a public begging to be taken... but that ends when consumer protection laws are violated.
In truth, we are buying high priced audiophile cables precisely to annoy funaudiofun.  Looks like it's working!

Honestly some cables are not worth their price, but if I have money that I don't need, and I have expensive system, I will buy why not?Mike Lavigne has a good explanation about this topic.Mike is Agon member.
Why not?  If you have already built the perfect listening room with the perfect speakers and an amp to drive them, and upgraded all your programming material to the best mastering.... then why not...

I guess because there are much better holes to throw money into - vintage Italian sport cars for example.