Why pass video signal through processor?

Is there any benefit to running the video signal through your preamp/processor (or receiver) versus a straight connection from DVD player to TV (or projector)?
May be not! Unless your TV does not have enough inputs to support your sources (dvd,ld,satellite,vcr etc)and if your prepro comes with OSD (on-screen-display) you may have to use the unit's video switching in order to navigate the unit's setup via OSD.
I don't. I run my DVD on component cables straight to the TV. The only cost is that I have to switch the video source on the TV, separately from selecting the audio, which I run straight to my processor. Shorter signal paths are always better, I say.
The only reason for running the signals through the processor is if you need to see those on-screen displays for adjustments / info., or if you do not have enough inputs on your TV. I personally run my video signals direct from the source, and use the PIP for the on-screen display. The way I see it is one less connection / one less good video cable set I have to buy...
That's a good idea, JK. Running directly from the DVD to the TV (mainly because the processor doesn't support component video and secondly because there is no reason whatsoever to filter a great video feed from a nice DVD player through the decidedly ho-hum video switching of a piece which was recruited to do audio and audio only) but I loose the OSD from the processor, which is often quite handy. It hadn't occurred to me to simply run a dinky composit line into the TV from the processor and then use PIP to get to it when I need it. Cool. Many thanks.
I've had the same thoughts. What would necessitate purchasing a multi-K Faroudja? Any thoughts/feelings would be appreciated.
Jk You just solved my puzzle. I was trying to figure out how to do on screen from the pre-amp while viewing a movie that is cabled directly from the dvd player. Now I just have to figure out how to bring up the pre-amp (s-video 1) input in the PIP box while viewing the component input signal. Thanks for the suggestion.