Why Parasound HCA3500's marked down?

Anybody know why these are being discounted? Any known problems? I saw one from an individual go for $1000 + shipping.
Rumor has that Parasound is phasing out the two channel amps and concentrates on multichannel amps only. So their loss is our gain. I am tempting to get one myself.
could it be that maybe it wasnt selling?
Both Likis Audio here in Birmingham and the Legacy dealer in Orlando say they were not selling nearly as well as the multi channel amps. Both say at under $1500 new from a Parasound dealer with full warrantee it is a true steal. Likis has no more to sell and still says this. The amp runs class A to 15 watts and is a true dual mono design. I have 2 coming to bi-amp with. At that price I can afford to try it.