Why Not Return the Favor?

Over the years I've been a member here, I have left many supportive and complementary comments on members Vitual Reality Systems. It seems no one ever takes enough interest to return the favor by checking on the systems of those complementing theirs. What's up with that? Maybe my system is not worth commenting on, but a sign of common courtesy would be nice.

Just my 2cents.
I have never left a comment on a system. (Thinking it over, perhaps one comment, once) Nor do i post mine. (i would say i am too private to post it for all to see. i have no problem writing what i own. Just somehow a pic seems too personal. i like my privacy)
I HAVE looked at a few, when the person has posted a comment on a regular thread referring to it.
So I guess I just don't think much about it.
Though some of them are very beautiful. Both the room, and the selection of equipment. Then some look... Ah not very WAF! LOL!! beauty in the eye of the beholder.
I would just add too bad we cannot HEAR them!, instead of just see them.
human nature is fickle and often self-centered. nice system by the way. john
I never look at them.

You have a beautiful setup and room...
In my relatively limited time on Agon, I've checked virtual systems of OP's for clues in addressing their questions, and often to understand other, more expert responses.

Selective VS postings and their threads are also good info for learning about various approaches to building a system.

Your system is emminently worthy of comment. It was interesting to see that you have owned the Sonic Euphoria PLC, that was hand-built by Jeff right here in San Diego.

...and btw, there are many of us who might pay BIG to see photos of 'Lizbeth's system!
I've noted several members post many thank you's for the comments on their systems. While this clutters up the actual thread, it is the nice thing to do. I never considered that system comments were a quid pro quo (did I spell that right?) type of adventure.
I am Not guilty.
I am Not guilty.
Same here. I feel it only polite to reciprocate.
And I usually check system pages of those participating in discussions.
I've seen and heard Dan-the-Island-Man's system. In one word, fantabulous!
The Tannoys have great tonal balance and huge soundstage. From classic Rock to acoustic Jazz, female vocals to Satchmo the band is in the room.
A lonely audiophile on a northwest island, Dan has put together world-class sound, both digital and analog.
I look forward to hanging out with him in a couple weeks to immerse myself in some great musical surroundings.
Great looking and I bet sounding system, reflecting a lot of care. I do post mine. It is a little vulnerable but worth it for the pleasure of getting comments. It helps when one is in rural area to feel part of an audio community and its support. I also look at and comment on most people's systems who comment on mine, plus find the systems a great place to see opinions on equipment and their synergy that is mostly more constructive and cogent than the thread can sometimes be. A cool thing to do is search systems for each piece of equipment you own, thereby discovering others who have the same, what context they are using them in, and what those also owners think of the equipment after living with it for a while.
I frequently look at the new posts on member systems, and make comments and compliments if I think something is really nice. I remember following your speaker journey with the beautiful Tannoys with interest.(and lust!) I understand what you're saying. It's very uplifting to hear a positive comment sometimes, when it is heartfelt.
Dan,your system is fantabulous!!! It is the most awesome system I have seen. It is truly praise worthy. There, feel better now !!!!! :)
Hi Dan.
My apologies for not commenting in on your system.
I've looked at your VS many times, it looks like a wonderful system. Have a great day.


I have to agree 100% with Elizabeth, I've never commented on a system. I once saw a system that looked like an add out of Stereophile but came up short. If I can not hear it, I can not comment.
But Dan, you ARE guilty. Why not return the favor?

Or is this is a "do as I say" not "do as I do" kinda thing?
Hello, i see you have a VAC 35/35 el34 tube amp. I once owned 1 pair of these amps. I sure wish i kept them,i think i paid only 1200.00 for one and 1400.00 for the other. I was bi amping some Merlin speakers. What a dummy, and if that don't get you i also owned 3 pairs of Apogee speakers in mint condition, 2 Major, one Minor, guess i'll never learn. Nice system buy the way. I just loved how easy it is to bias those VACS, now own a VTL ST 85, which is nice but no VAC. I also use NOS RCA/Slvania EL34 Fatboy tubes, and also have a quad of Mullard/Holland EL34 tubes too. I have 4 quads of the Fatboys. Thanks for any comments.
The reason that I posted my system was so that people would have a tool to help me with my questions and possibly form an opinion of how much weight to give my opinions.

It would be easy for me to pretend that my gear is much better than it is. I often look at other peoples systems to see what they have, especially if it's a member that I've come to respect after reading their posts. I find it interesting to see where they put their money.
Shadorne, You are being a little hard on Dan as he has made 70+ comments on virtual systems. Oh wait, those were on HIS system!
Thanks to all for their response to this thread. I was surprised at how many there were, and surprised and humbled by some of the kind remarks that were made. Michael, thanks, and your system is fantabulous too! Foster9, thank you as well, Gammajoe, you comments were much appreciated, Roxy54, Zmanastronomy, Ryriken, thanks, and please note, I have looked up the VS of all that have one that posted here, and left comments.

I was not looking for comments or complements, I was just reporting an observation. Shadorne, if you looked at my VS, you will notice there has not been any comments posted to the thread for a very long time, even though I have posted on other's VS.

Anyway, I hope all you guys (and Elizibeth too!) enjoy your systems and especially the music.

"5 minutes of sucess."
Andy Warhol
Not the case with me, I often comment on most if not all. I enjoy looking in others folks systems and leaving comments on the ones that speak to my heart. I love this stuff.
I very much enjoy looking at the systems as well. Great to see how people arrange things - some of these rooms are just lovely! We need a new HGTV show - HGTV-Audiogon STyle!
You have a cool moniker.
My system must stink too cause nobody ever has much to say but it doesnt bug me, I dont surf system much anymore but still give a ataboy if one catches my eye. My system does suck compared to many if not most here but we do what we can. Nice rig braaaah!