Why not PS Audio's Lab cables?

I have perused the "cable" forum, and I tried to do some research on PS Audio's power cables. I have never auditioned any power cables yet, but they seem to be great on paper, being they use higher gauge and more shielding than any of their competitors, and their price is much more modest. However, I don't see too many people in this forum using these cables. Why not?
"they" being the ps audio lab cables.
I use these power cords on my Lamm monoblocks
They are great and i think a great value for what you can get them for used
i guess only one person uses ps lab or minilab cables!
Yohjixme: They will probably make you one too, if you ask them.
Dekay, Ask who about what? Ask PS to make me a cable and then they will make me into a PS cable user? I am sure I will be a PS cable user if they make me one for free. Or do you mean, ask forum members then they will make me into a non-PS cable user, as they are?
I meant the first scenario. There is more info on the PC's at Audioasylum.com in the cable forum. That is unless all of the posts over there are also by Acuujim.
Yohjixme, I believe the reason that you didn't get much response is due to the way your question was phrased.

I have 3 Lab Cables and found an immediate improvement for my amps and preamp. Blacker background, smoother, more detailed, all the audiophile crap. However, I found that the Shunyata Black Mamabas sounded better than the Lab Cables on my digital front end. Everything is also plugged into a Hydra.
So PS is not desireable for digital front ends.. any other power cords around 200 is good for digital? I read somewhere else in post claiming that mapleshade cord is bad for digital too...
A nice midpriced AC cable for digital is the JPS Digital AC, in my experience.
Hey BOB, what equipment are u using?
If you're going to spend $2K, get a Electra Glide FatBoy Silver 2000 for digital gear. It's the best "money no object" power cord for preamps and digital gear.
2000? no i was more in the 200 ball park...2000 is more than my amp...
Yo: I'm running the JPS Digital AC on my EAD Ultradisc 2000 CD player. I've used a few other cords on it such as Custom Power Top Gun Special (Special = specially made for me because I wanted one without the differential mode filtering) but for low-ish $ the JPS is really quite nice; used price is even better of course. The JPS is plugged into a digital outlet on a Chang Lightspeed 3200 which is sourced from a dedicated line + a WattGate 381 outlet. I don't use an outboard DAC because the EAD sounds plenty good enough as is. The EAD rests on a Black Diamonmd shelf which is sitting on Vibrapods. That's the gist of my CD source lineup; I can tell you more about the rig if desired, but I think this is what you're probably seeking?
Bob, YUP that's what I am seeking!

Being a cheap skate, suppose I only have one aftermarket power cable, should I put it on the dac or the trans? Or is it a personal thing?
I don't run an outboard DAC, but if I did then that's the place for an upgrade cord IMO. YMMV so please don't hesitate to experiment a bit.
Oops. I read 2000 instead of 200. Now I see why you're looking at the PS Audio.
I've tried a lot of power cords, and the Lab Cable has been the best, by far. For the price, I think it's unbeatable, and if you diagree, send me yours to try (and don't just make excuses, either, you Whale, King Cobra V2, or Fatman owners). I tried the likes of FIM Gold, and it sucks! The Lab Cable does nothing at all wrong on my PS 300, or either my tube or ss power amps. I use Purist Colossus AC cord to run from the PS 300 to my source components and preamp. No one would believe the sound I get from my system, and I guess it's just as well...they might die of envy, mar har har!!! Good listening, dudes...