Why not power your own DC

With all the products out there that run on wall warts, ie 3,6,9,12,18 volts DC (lots of DA, phono amps and even some pre-amps) why don't more people run their own DC instead of using the warts or buying the manufacture's outboard battery system?

I am amazed that the manufactures outboard units can cost anywhere from $200-1000, when one can be built using lead cell batteries for $50 or so. Using the lead batteries would allow for recharging and one could also choose the amout of amps they need or would like.
Many of the aftermarket schemes have built in regulators, etc... As such, you would not have to worry about voltage drop, having corrosives or fumes from large batteries in the house, etc... Your thoughts and that approach may be VERY valid though, as several manufacturers have offered rechargable battery packs to power their gear. Sean
A 12 volt 7 amp lead battery is roughly, 3"x3.5"x6". That is really not very big. And, they can be bought for $17.00 to $25.00. A smart charger can be had for $10.00 and you can make or buy a voltage converter for around $15.00.

As for regulation. Depending on the current draw you could run a piece of equipment from 4-24 hours on one battery.

I run and Aerco MP2 mic pre-amp on a 12 volt 4 amp battery and it operates up to 20 hours or so. I can operate a Sony D10proII on a 12 volt 7 amp for 5 hours. If I worry about running out of juice I just bring 2.

Sure these buggers are heavy but at home they would just sit on your floor. As for corrosives, they are sealed and after using them in the field for over 10 years I have never had one leak.

They claim that they need to be recharged in a ventalated space, but that is not too big of a problem. You could use your basement or garage. I use my listening room. They do not let off an odor but apparently continuous, prolonged exposure could, (like 24/7/364) be harmful. Not, IMO, once every two weeks for 6 hours. Anyway, I do it overnight when I'm not in the room.

Sean, I agree with you regarding the manufacturer's battery supplies and it was my point exactly, "Their battery supplies seem to be way, way overpriced"

BTW, I run a portable CD player on a steped down 12 volt/1.7 amp, lead sealed battery for up to 12 hours of use. I charge it up, when needed and presto, for $5.00 I have let to buy batteries in the last 3 years. I plug that sucker into my Grado RA 1 and along with my RS 2 headphones I have a great portable system.

My next step will be to find a cheap/small D-A, which runs on DC and a portable CD with digital out for that last bit of rez.
For indoor use, definitely go with the sealed gel-cells. A MUCH SAFER way to go. Happy Tunes!
Stan Warren and Chuck Jones are working on an DIY power supply for the MSB Link DAC, which will hopefully be better and cheaper than the MSB P1000.
```Recharging a lead/acid battery gives off hydrogen gas, Very explosive and corrosive to the lungs. Hence the ventilation reason. If you ever experienced a hydrogen gas explosion I'm sure you would never want another one close up or in a home(with a battery; acid everywhere ). Just be carefull, use common sense. Any spark will set it off.

````My $.02