why not post a video

just curious, we have all gone to you tube and seen videos of someone’s system playing and just curious why members that are on this that say how good their system sounds don’t upload a video for us to hear?    i get that the system will sound better in person, but we can get a general idea of the sound it has.


there are 2 members that come to mind.




The YouTube video of the million dollar plus system, which is touted as the best in the world, does not sound very good through my IPhone. Remind's me of when I was young. A commercial showing company's new break-through color Television. The spokesman said "look how beautiful and sharp that picture is. Could not appreciate it through our old twelve inch black and white.

 does not sound very good through my IPhone. 

not much is going to sound good through iphone speakers.

Will do this ASAP.

we all know that there are a few members that mention how good their system sounds…..then why not upload a video ?

Love the Tube.  Watch it for fun, for knowledge, to figure all the functions on the new laser measurer and which spark plugs are the best.  But for audio gear it's only useful if it's essentially the video version of a really good written review.  In terms of demonstrating the sound it's nearly useless.

Consider, someone is demonstrating their system.  The play some piece of music and record the experience for a YouTube video.  First issue isn't even their mic, it's the placement of their mic.  Then there is the mic itself.  Professional?  Maybe.  We'll assume yes.  Audio/video capture on their pc might be MP4 at best.  Then it gets delivered into someones PC, which decodes the audio, pushes it out through maybe a high-end audio card but most likely the on-board audio circuitry.  Then out through a port, over crappy computer wire (uh-oh, troll alert!) then to our computer speakers.  No Way that is going to allow one to even VAGUELY hear what the original system sounds like.  Not a chance.  And if your pc is hooked up to your audio system there is still the mic problem and the format.  Just not a chance

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I've done a few I just never posted them. It shows nothing of SQ no matter what you record or how you record it. If we're just gonna look a folks stuff, that's different, I suppose.

I like pics too, lets say. Looking at gear I like pics. Looking at Video I like Farm Girl.


What you get by doing that is your system's interpretation of what the YouTube's Mp3 codec's interpretation is of my camera's audio codec's interpretation of the interpretation of my system's ability to interpret the song. There is just w a y too many interpretations made to complete the chain.

It's like sending fine wine thru a very long polluted pipe so a neighbor can taste it.. They might understand that it was wine. But little more


I cannot understand how folks use these videos for comparison purposes? My iPad is not able to pick important sonic nuances.  

If produced and played back well, using a decent quality streamer into a good quality DAC on a good quality system, you can get very good quality sound in a video these days. I hear it all the time with music videos on Youtube.

Based on experience, I think it is possible to get a general feel for how a home system sounds in a decent produced video these days, but of course you will not get all the details. Enough for a reasonable estimate though I suspect. Enough to add some value and spur some discussion in a place like this. I may try it sometime and see what I can do.

we can get a general idea of the sound it has

silly talk imo ... generalities in system sound are pretty much worthless (at least to me)

Because it is dopey.

hey fuzz

what are you hearing there on that youtube clip???

uh i think that might be a piano, well, maybe a mandolin... sounds good tho', generally...


Who are the two who need to post videos?

I can think of a certain poster with an average of 11 posts a day over three years where an MP3 would improve his system….. Otherwise a complete waste of time.

OP lead by example, start w system pictures :-)


Hi, I have a small YouTube channel about audio and coffee. If interest is big enough I am willing to host these videos. I will do the editing as well. Let me know. The Audiophile Barista

No disrespect, but

1st of all, you are listening thru YOUR system, either your computer, or your Home Theater system, so what the hell do you expect to hear?

2ndly, I cannot imagine a youtube stream to reveal true sound quality

3rd, is your space treated as well as the system's space?



I think I'm in a bad mood this am.

First off, some use pro mics to record while others are stuck using a phone mic. Hearing differences via YT is hardly a good way to judge someone Else’s setup. Maybe if there was a standard of some kind that would put everyone on a level playing field, it would be more useful..  but compression, playback devices , etc being all different.. there is no way to judge accurately.. IMO.

I love it when someone changes a fuse and tries to convey the change via YT as convincing..  doesn’t work for me

@elliottbnewcombjr   have a cup of coffee first.. it helps slow down the mean responses…. I’m speaking from experience..  lol


I went out twice a week to small clubs for live music for more than 20 years, bars, drink, late night. Occassionally, I made the mistake of looking on DPReview’s Sony site while buzzed. Add a response or two, off to bed.

I realized in the morning, oh dear ...

I also realized, it is so International, english is not primary to many members, and I assumed everyone understood my sense of humor ...

How smart of me!