Why not place 2-channel speakers BEHIND listener?

I have a home office in an attic where I'd like to set up a 2-channel speaker system. My desk is against a wall that slopes in (so that I can't place speakers in front of me against the wall). I have some nice bookshelf speakers, but they are too big to place on the the front wall. I was thinking of placing them behind me, about 5 feet apart and facing toward my listening position. Or I could just buy very small computer speakers to sit on my desk. Any advice?
In your office, your going to be using them for backround music anyway, so no big deal. You probably won't be able to have ideal placement anyway. It will be as if you are listening to a concert with your back to the performers, that's all. Enjoy. Happy Listening.
Obviously the response characteristics of your ears are different for sounds arriving from the rear, compared to those arriving from the front. Only you can judge how significant that difference will be for your purposes, and obviously the way to judge would be to listen to your main system while facing away from it.

FWIW, re computer speakers, I've seen very favorable comments about the Swans T200B (and its earlier predecessor versions), although they are NOT small, and I believe they cost upwards of $700.

-- Al
Sure. Whatever works. I have a 5.1 system in my office and all speakers are on my left side. For casual listening, it's OK and, when something grabs my attention, I just pivot and wheel over to enjoy it.

Sometimes you just have to compromise.I'd rather have less than optimal sound than no sound at all.
I have a set up with speakers behind me in my editing studio. I listen while I work sometimes, and I also spin my chair around to face the speakers when I take a break. I don't think you will have a problem.
I have the same set-up in my hme office. When the moment is right, a swivel chair will be sure you're ready (sorry, Ciallis).