Why not more DIY talk/equipment on the 'Gon?

Looking back on a couple of recent threads, with only collateral references to people building their own equipment has made me wonder why there isn't more of a DIY community on Audiogon. Good DIY-built tube equipment is usually based on well-known or reasonably discernible circuitry. A huge amount of solid state DIY out there is based on Pass or gainclone designs, for which online forum help is available.

Where I live, there is a thriving online secondary market for well-built DIY tube amps (especially those built 20-30yrs ago with big Tango transformers) and already built DIY DACs. In certain cases, one can buy parts cheap, in other cases, one can buy amps for parts cost plus a bit and get amps which shame commercial offerings at 10x the price.

Speakers are perhaps more difficult, and in good part due to the fact that most of us are not skilled woodworrkers, but there are ways around that in many cases.

My excuse til now was that I originally did not even entertain the idea of building my system with my own hands. My answer these days is that I am trying to arrange the time/place to do so, aiming at a fully self-made system (amp, pre, DAC, speakers, cables) by May 1, 2009 (the TT will have to wait - I may try to take an old idler and build a plinth around it but I am not going to attempt a tonearm yet). It will not replace my existing system - it will instead be an attempt at understanding the entire signal path, from bits to wave front.

Why don't more people do DIY on Audiogon? Is it that that the DIY community migrates elsewhere for DIY help/input/etc?
The biggest majority are at DIY Audio and some at Audio Karma.

I myself think that good equipment can sound better by upgrading.....saves money and it's a lot of fun...good luck on your projects.
My guess would be that AudiogoN is the foremost website for buying used audio gear on the 'net. Even modified gear takes a beating here on re-sale.

That is why, IMHO, the DIY site on Audio Asylum is much more popular....they don't have the sales capacity.

You are kidding right?

If you are looking for a recommendation where to spend your money, this is the place. If you are looking for DIY, you are in the wrong venue.

Examine the thread, "what's the next upgrade for brand xxx CD player?" for example. In a blink of an eye, many will give their advice and opinions as if there's no end. When there's a problem later on however, very few will respond and actually help. Does that define a DIY "friendly" community to you?

The majority of people who frequent this site are here to check what gears they can buy, not to seek sound technical advice. If you are really serious about DIY, then participate in the diyAudio.com forum. There is a reason why the majority of people who really know what they are talking about are no longer here. It is not an act of God. I am glad however that some of those people who, after 5 years in this hobby, I still follow their guidance regarding certain issues, stayed. DougDeacon, Mr. Albert Porter, Ozzy, Shadorne, Herman, Bombaywalla, Kurt_Tank, Newbie, Rauliruegas etc. to name a few. I really miss seeing TWL, Abex, Subaruguru, 4yanx, Ed Sawyer, Avguygeorge, WarrenH, Gunbei, Herman, musicdoc, Couugar, and many more however.
Ahh, those were the days.....


It's a follow the money thing. Monikers like DrsWilsonMaxxViagraRx, etc. The lingua franca of Audiogon is not DIY, though modification of well-recognized commercial gear is of occasional interest.
Yeah, this seems to be more a place for buying, selling and "shootin' the Shiite". No offense to my friends in the Middle East intended. :°)

I've had to read elsewhere for shared experiences on the ProAc 2.5 Clone project I've been slowly building up to.
>Speakers are perhaps more difficult, and in good part due to the fact that most of us are not skilled woodworrkers, but there are ways around that in many cases.

Making rectangular is not hard, although if you want a fine wood working project you can get really nutty. Compound angles are fun, glue-ups with mitered solid wood edging are fun, etc.

Try avsforum.com, audiocircle.com, and htguide.com. Some designs have big fan clubs; for instance orion.quicksytes.com is about Siegfried Linkwitz's Pluto and Orion.