Why not just unplug it?

Last weekend after reading about all these modifications done to the digital clocks of CD players I just unpluged the cuicrity. I mean these people were saying it is a 39 cent display so I opened up the player(Musical Concepts modified Magnavox)followed the cable to the middle of a board and just pulled it. The bass dropped 2db and the soundstage widened by 2 feet. I couldn't believe what I was hearing but I even plugged it back in and pulled it mid song(Baby Plays Around/Curtis Stigers) and the same thing happened. unreal.
wow thats pretty cool, I dont have the balls to try it though.
The clocking of a digital player has nothing to do with the display. If you unplug the clock, the player will power up but you will not be able to play CD. In recent more sophisticated players, if the clock is removed, it will not even power up.

In the case of the display with all CD, SACD and Universal players, when it is shut down, the sonics are much better because the Display driver IC clock interferes with the audio clocks and data. Many players have Display OFF function. Some shut the clock and put the processor to sleep which brings best results, some don’t.

If you completely disable the display by pulling off the plug from the main PCB, you will gain better sound, but will totally loose control over the machine (manual or remote). So, you can do this only to experiment while it is already playing, but before you plug it back, make sure the machine is OFF. Not that you will burn everything the first time, but it will happen soon or later. :-)

I think you may be confusing the display with the digital clock (?). A digital device won't run without a clock. Did you have another clock in there, or did you just unplug your display?
I pulled the wire that lights the LCD. I also have to assume that there is a memory cuircuit or chip that has been disabled because the repeat button doesn't work or pause. But the door opens and closes and the machine plays when Play is pushed and Stops when stop is pushed. I have to agree with you not to plug the connection back in when you are listening to music too because when I did this the music stopped and the cd disc started spinning like a ninja death star,real fast. I pushed the power button and waited a minute and then pushed play and the music came on. I then unpluged the wire again and it hasn't and it will not be put back in because of the resulting benefits. Also I have been told by a certain person that does mods that if you don't use the headphone option on your player pull the wiriing,its one less set of paths the music has to travel taking it away from the music chain.
Or maybe it was just the acid you dropped before listening!?!
Maybe you need to adjust the clock to Eastern Daylight Time instead of Daylight Savings Time. Seriously though it appears you have no idea wbat you're doing and/or what you hear. Maybe it's time to downgrade and save some money. Good luck and good listening.
The headphone circuit in my modified Sony XA777ES was disabled by Ric Schultz (EVS). I never heard it when enabled, so cannot tell you if this makes a difference.

Seriously though it appears you have no idea wbat you're doing and/or what you hear. Maybe it's time to downgrade and save some money. Good luck and good listening.

Not very nice comment to a fellow A'goner trying to learn.
Yeah John Hillig of Musical Concepts turned me on to the Headphone theory Matralla. Nrchy I don't drop acid anymore it was fun while I did. I saw the universe as it was mean't to be seen. Oh yeah I picked up two sealed copies of Amused to Death last weekend at one of the record haunts I frequent for 30.00 dollars a piece in Pasadena California. I left one for you happy hunting if you can find it.
I'll buy a copy of Amused to Death from anyone that can find it! It is simply impossible where I live. $275 on the net is starting to look reasonable - wow I never thought I'd say that!
I agree with you, Lkdog.
Something that may allow me to pull this wire and still allow it to power up is that the Musical Concept mod houses the power supply in it's own structure. The CD player has two power plugs(Cardas) one hardwired into the power supply and one into the original module that harbors the transport and motherboard. I hear what I hear and it's a difinite improvement.

I will sell my copy of Amused To Death. Interested?


All that matters is that you are happy.
Sounds like you have a unique machine.
Rock on bro'.
Thanks, you do the same Rock Hard Ride Free.