Why not just run a pig tale rather than rewiring

So I've got this stock AGI 511 preamp. Although claimed to be great, advice is to remove the original ribbon cable from the circuit board that runs to a separate board with all of the RCA input/output connectors. Replace with new female RCA connectors and run teflon coated wire and connect directly to the circuit board. Smoother sound - so claimed.

Why not just select a quality teflon jumper wires to say 4 ft in length, twist them, and install male RCA connectors on them so as to act as interconnects. Wont cost much more, and I eliminate the need for the Interconnects with their associated cost and the junction between the Preamp RCA's and Interconnects. Cleaner, simpler, so why not???

I want the speed and transparency in the preamp and associated cables - not sound coloring - that's why I have a HK Citation II tube amp. if this makes sense, what do you recommend in a reasonably price jumper/interconnect wire.

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try it! It's easily reversable and also an inexpensive tweak. Do allow significant time for break in (30 days passing signal) before you decide if it's the right move.
For probably the very first time in 10 years I have to agree with Liz on something. However if you undo the changes later before selling, there's no resale issue either.