Why not horns?

I've owned a lot of speakers over the years but I have never experienced anything like the midrange reproduction from my horns. With a frequency response of 300 Hz. up to 14 Khz. from a single distortionless driver, it seems like a no-brainer that everyone would want this performance. Why don't you use horns?
The bass is horn-loaded. The upper frequencies are omnidirectional because of the driver construction. It is "low" efficiency. I find the GP Unikorns can sound sublime in the right room.

For more fun, take a look at the Duevel Bella Luna. It is a very interesting implementation. The top of the line is the Duevel Sirius, which both goes lower and is more efficient. But it ain't cheap.
T-bone - I don't look anymore. I don't want to be tempted. My horns are good enough. State of the art is way too expensive to contemplate. They've finally moved the carrot so far ahead that I can no longer see it.

Anything appreciably better than what I have retails for a year's worth of my Social Security.
Diffraction effects. That's why. Now I haven't heard Avantdgarde Audio Classico speakers ($80,000) but that sounds promising. I assume you horn guys are Avantgarde owners...

I'm just a lowlife planar speaker fan.
Listener614 - You needn't assume anything about us. You can read the thread and find out the facts as to what kind of horns we use. It's all right there in black and yellow. Nothing could be planar.

Be careful, though, you might subject yourself to retraction effect.
For those of you who are ready to take a long step up, I just learned about this rig for sale. Check it out.

These horns will change the way you experience audio.