Why not Gryphon Audio in US

I see fantastic European audio companies in the US like Soulution, Vitus, Burmester, but no Gryphon.
Why not?
I am interested in the Gryphon Mephisto, so the question.
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What's that for a question. Now you can buy direct, when there is a distribution chain you can pay 40% more.
Buy your fantastic unit now.
More money related. A very high level lineup like Gryphon requires a large upfront commitment from the Distributor (probably 500k+). You risk the lack of support in US, but Syntax is right, you can get a great deal direct
Gryphon is not ready to sell direct.
Was very clear in not supporting the US market!!
Gryphon has tried distribution in the US in the past, going back to the early 1990's.
Some ten years ago I spoke to Fleming Rasmussen of Gryphon and he cited the US Market as being not sophisticated enough for his products. He struck me as being an ethnocentric snob. He also struck me as being very short cited.
It is sadly, our loss, as this is the finest amplification I've ever heard in the solid state category.