Why not accordion ?

To my point of view it's one of the most universal solo instruments, but not widely accepted in any classical or jazz orchestras or bands. It's also sophisticated. I'd say extremely sophisticated. In order to deliver smooth and artistic sound it may require long and extensive practice to handle bellows and position your hands properly. In addition there are two button boards that can deliver sophisticated polyphonic parts that can create an impression of small band inside one instrument. You can also count on fingers great accordionists while you can have an endless list of great guitarists or saxophonists.
Check out Myron Floren. He was the accordionist for Lawrence Welk back in the 50's and 60's. He was terrific.

There's a bunch of his stuff for sale on Ebay. Check it out:


Also check out Art VanDamme and Dick Contino.
I've got Myron's records in near-new shape out from the thrift stores for quarter and enjoy them a lot. Myron was a terrific accordionist.
Same with Art Van Damme.
Yechhhh. Question to the accordion player: Can you play "Far, Far Away?" The farther the better.

Sorry. The only good accordion was Stan Freberg's spoof of Lawrence Welk.
Gvasale ...

I recall a cartoon strip called The Wizard of Id. The king was in the dungeon with the dungeon caretaker when some musical notes came out of one of the torture chambers. The king said ... "Hey, that sounds like accordion music." The caretaker retorted ... "So?" *lol*
Here's Art Van Damme's beautiful rendition of "Early Autumn." The vibes player isn't too shabby either. Enjoy ...