Why not a portable DAP as a streamer/DAC?

I have been reading up on some of the newer DAPs that include WiFi streaming, like the FiiO M11 and others.  Based on the reviews, this might be a very cost effective way to stream from my server via WiFi to my system, either using the player's internal DAC or USB output to a USB DAC.  For $500 or less, you get both a portable player and a streamer for your server. Some may even work as a Roon endpoint.  Obviously, this is not SOTA, but I am always looking for a cost-effective way to replace my aging SBT, which won't last forever, and is limited to 96/24.  Your thoughts?
Not only that, these DAPs run without being connected to the a/c, so they have the potential to have very low noise.
Yes, it’s a good idea. Some of these players have excellent DAC chips. Couple that with the ability to play DSD and high-rez PCM files, along with no AC wall connection, and you are left with a very capable source. I’m using an Astell & Kern right now and it has replaced my (entry/mid-tier) CD player and preamp for the time being. It’s the most detailed, warmest sounding digital I’ve ever got out my system. I attribute a lot of that to being battery powered and having good specs. I use line-out straight into my amplifier. I sit close enough to my system and have a long enough cable that I can control the DAP from the listening chair. I believe you can also control the player from your phone if you install the app. Some of these players have excellent specs. I’m talking signal to noise ratios of 120 dB or greater, crosstalk in the 130s, THD+N ratings in the ten-thousandths of a percent range, extremely low clock jitter, etc.