Why not a portable DAP as a streamer/DAC?

I have been reading up on some of the newer DAPs that include WiFi streaming, like the FiiO M11 and others.  Based on the reviews, this might be a very cost effective way to stream from my server via WiFi to my system, either using the player's internal DAC or USB output to a USB DAC.  For $500 or less, you get both a portable player and a streamer for your server. Some may even work as a Roon endpoint.  Obviously, this is not SOTA, but I am always looking for a cost-effective way to replace my aging SBT, which won't last forever, and is limited to 96/24.  Your thoughts?
Be amazed how good modern portables sound.
Not only that, these DAPs run without being connected to the a/c, so they have the potential to have very low noise.