Why no Virtual System pics??

I’m surprised that not more people have pictures off their set-ups... there are very few contributors, some regular contributors, some long time members, with zero pictures of their systems..
Why do you think that is?  Are they worried that someone is going to steal their stereo because they see pictures of it?  Or are people ashamed of their systems?  
I don’t get it.  It’s much easier to understand where someone is coming from when you see their setup!

post some pictures people!!!  Sheesh

It’s like showing up to the basket ball court with no ball.  Going to the ski slopes, sittin in the lodge, talking about how awesome the powder is with no ski’s.  
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Jaytor, no turntable? Real audiophiles have turntables:)

Mike, nobody has ever given me the finger listening to my system. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten it in the 911's. On the bright side I get just as many thumbs up.

As for my system? I guess I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures.
It is also sort of boring. Everything is hidden. It doubles as a theater so distractions are limited. The speakers look like the monolith in 2001 A Space Odyssey. The subwoofers are rectangular lumps of solid surface material. All the amps are under the floor. Whoopee. In the middle of it all is a 113" Stewart Screen. It is the most boring thing you have ever seen. Must sound terrible. But what is the point? Are systems to look at or listen too. Notice that I had no problem describing what my system looks like. How can you describe in words what your system sounds like? You can't. Others have to hear it for themselves. It is all relative. The only thing I can say that others will understand is that it goes REAL loud. 

There are many important concepts that have to be followed to get the best out of a system and I think these have to be understood intellectually not visually. There is also a vast landscape of mythology that has to be debunked. Then there are just plain misconceptions that need a little research and correction. I have had quite a few over the years. All of us have. There are subjects in which I have very limited background knowledge like electronic engineering so I require input from people that do. I can get some of that here. 

Some of us seem to be more inclined to make their system look pretty. Pretty does not necessarily mean sound better. I do not care at all what a system looks like only what it sounds like and I love listening to other peoples systems. I rarely look at pictures of systems. 

If something really improves a system's performance there is a darn good reason why it does. If it is not readily apparent the improvement is an illusion. Illusions in Hi Fi are never permanent. 

I described my audio system appearance in my room with some word of 4 letters that make my post erased by moderator... :)

I am ashamed of my system look in my very full room....

But make no mistake, I am very proud of the S.Q. for the price over the roof...Read my audiophile laws in my "virtual system" page....

No money is necessary at all to enjoy Hi-Fi.... It is a myth.... My virtual image are there to illustrate some of my homemade tweaks controls methods for the 3 embeddings that's all....Hope for the poor audiophile... :)
Mike, nobody has ever given me the finger listening to my system. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten it in the 911’s. On the bright side I get just as many thumbs up.

to be clear, not everyone likes my system or even the pictures, nor need they like it. lots of people have different tastes or preferences. sometimes i feel i should have not gone as far, but too late now i guess.

when i have visitors the idea is to have fun. and i think visitors do have fun listening to my system, the music rises above the gear lust, or lack thereof.

my most regular visitor and friend has different gear tastes than me, and his feedback always helps me.

i do like my system, and i do enjoy it.
mahgister, you could have described it as looking like a Schiit Showroom. Would had been perfectly fine! 👍