Why no Virtual System pics??

I’m surprised that not more people have pictures off their set-ups... there are very few contributors, some regular contributors, some long time members, with zero pictures of their systems..
Why do you think that is?  Are they worried that someone is going to steal their stereo because they see pictures of it?  Or are people ashamed of their systems?  
I don’t get it.  It’s much easier to understand where someone is coming from when you see their setup!

post some pictures people!!!  Sheesh

It’s like showing up to the basket ball court with no ball.  Going to the ski slopes, sittin in the lodge, talking about how awesome the powder is with no ski’s.  
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Mike, You are correct, and I edited adding the "not" in before your post materialized.  I was only joking, although I am very satisfied with my system. (although not set up for a couple of years, until I move to larger quarters, uuuugh)!!! Make-shift system for now.
I actually had hoped to post my system all along, I moved temporarily, which lasted longer than planned. Since, I have acquired a Marchand crossover, along with my LARGE speakers to add.... I agree, a system page open's dialogue and sharing of ideas, etc. which is what this forum and community is all about. 
after a lot of dusting and cleaning and relocating at least some of the accumulated clutter I was able to pile enough of the remaining junk into a corner out of camera view and take some pictures

Same issue here, but it's going to take some time to make my room presentable. 
Coming soon.

@mikelavigne ,
We love your system. It's true there's less traffic on the system page. And there are no more alerts when a comment is posted to a member's system. I have been posting comments but the member doesn't know it's there.

I always try to stealth drink the SeaSmoke Ten out of a paper cup...

@uberwaltz, I like your systems! I just took a look and they are really cool. You can tell a lot about a person with a few pictures.  It’s awesome that you set your daughter up with some tunes and a record player as well!  Thanks for sharing 😀

@tvad , I agree with what you said. It’s easier though to remember people when you have some type of visual to pair with them.  But yes, 17 years of useful posts is probably better than a picture