why no recent Merlin speaker reviews?

why haven't Merlin speakers been reviewed for years?
duke, your words mean a lot to me, and i thank you! :)

to the rest, consider that the tsm and vsm have been built for close to 20 years. i do not think that 7 versions during that time is excessive when compared to new car models each and every year.

maril, i do not dispute what you say because all of this is about personal taste. but never forget that the vsm even with the bam is a "floor standing mini monitor." i never called it a full range or big room speaker. when you consider its bass quantity and extension in comparison to other mini monitors, it has incredible bass when used in
recommended rooms.

thank you.
bobby at merlin
Maril555 I would agree that the VSM will certainly not "burn down the house" with bass output but it might surprise you the depths it can reach with proper system matching, particularly using a proper source, cabling and amplifier. I have had more than one ask where the sub was. No, its not going to satisfy bass aficionadios but that little woofer can certainly move some air, more than you might think. It is most satisfying for my taste on the wide variety of the music I listen to including rock taking into account the rest of what it does so well. I have been listening to the VSM-M, updated from SE, for 12 of the 13 years I've owned the speaker, deliberating shipping it off again for all the upgrades available for this model and other options as well. The Merlin's aren't perfect in all areas to me but always open to improvement and tough to beat on some types of music I cherish. They are really a great choice for the vast majority of real world rooms and of course you get that greatest of resources, a committed manufacturer that will always level with you even when you don't always agree. Thanks for that Bobby, it is appreciated more than you might know.
I just added to my system page, a brief description of the surprising change (seems to be an improvement) in SQ I experienced today when I removed the Master RC network from my TSM's.
call spectral to see if your amp is terminated with a zobel.
if it is, then what you are experiencing makes sense.