why no recent Merlin speaker reviews?

why haven't Merlin speakers been reviewed for years?
Had the MXe for a while... Sounds great through the mids and the highs, but as Maril555 mentions above, they are light in the bass. Setup in just the right room, dialed in with a sub they can sound pretty damn good... but you will always miss the bass dynamics compared to others that are more robust from the mid-bass down
to all, we have a couple of reviews in the works at this time.
we are also working on a new site and it will be up shortly. i am sorry for any confusion, hopefully we will clear it up soon.
kitchen, today there are 5 pairs of merlin speakers for sale on audiogon. this is not a large amount when you consider how many years they have been in production and the thousands of pairs in the field. people tend to keep them or get them upgraded. and goat, if you still have them you should give me a call because i have a few suggestions to make them sound much fuller and more relaxed.
bobby at merlin
My new Merlin TSM MXM's arrived yesterday afternoon. Earlier in this thread I promised to report my initial impressions.

The speakers arrived extremely well-packaged and included clear instructions (which specified a recommended break-in period). Right away I connected them and began playing CD's, at low volume, while I busied myself with household chores.

I actually had never before heard Merlin speakers, and I determined to avoid listening carefully to my TSM's until after they had played the recommended break-in hours and I had set them up per recommendations. Nevertheless, I was immediately captivated by their clean, neutral, coherent, beautiful sound, and played CD after CD as I futzed around the house. Coltrane, Take 6, Eva Cassidy, Kenny Rankin, Michael Franks, Joshua Redman, Joni, Janis Ian, and others (including NPR/PRI news and classical music from my local university radio station) all played amazing through these TSM's!

Also, aesthetics are important to me, and these "Ruby Heart Red" speakers are quite beautiful to behold--almost jewel-like. The underexposed flash photos on my system page do not do them justice.

Upshot: I am looking forward to spending many, many hours listening to my music through what seem to be very special speakers, indeed, as they continue their break-in.

Enjoy, rx7audio! They are outstanding speakers and you're in for more fun in a few more hours of playing time as they settle in.
I suppose there are two ways of looking at the relatively large number of new versions Bobby has come out with over the years. One viewpoint has already been expressed in this thread, and another would be that he continues to refine and improve on concepts that have obviously stood the test of time.