why no recent Merlin speaker reviews?

why haven't Merlin speakers been reviewed for years?

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I own what I believe are one of the last pair of TSM's that were produced. Very long journey with Bobby to finally get them which after finding out the troubles the company was having were towards the end made sense.

The really strange twist to my story is the following - my Audible Illusion preamp had a electrical malfunction and sent a surge throught the system that burned out a voice coil in one woofer. To say I was devastated is putting it mildly. I spoke to Bobby and we agreed I could install a new woofer on my own. I sent him the bad woofer as a exchange along with a check and waited, and waited, and waited. Emails and phone calls were not answered. My gut told me something wasn't right here. 

I left for an extended business trip and read on a website about Bobby's death, I was stunned and besides feeling horrible about the circumstances now had a useless set of speakers.

Two days later my wife calls to tell me a box from Merlin just arrived. I told her to open it and inside was my woofer, with solder. The post date was the day he passed. He went to the post office to send me my woofer before he passed.

To say I was freaked out is putting it mildly.

I installed my woofer and have been enjoying these great speakers ever since. My problem now is I don't feel it's right to ever sell these because of personal connection to Bobby. Weird I know.

RIP Bobby.