why no recent Merlin speaker reviews?

why haven't Merlin speakers been reviewed for years?

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I just added to my system page, a brief description of the surprising change (seems to be an improvement) in SQ I experienced today when I removed the Master RC network from my TSM's.
My new Merlin Master TSM's are being completed as I type this.
If you wish, when they arrive, I'd be happy to share my
initial impression followed eventually by a more studied
impression after I've lived with them awhile. This won't be a
formal review, though. (Note, FWIW: I've never heard any of
Merlin Music's speakers.)

My new Merlin TSM MXM's arrived yesterday afternoon. Earlier in this thread I promised to report my initial impressions.

The speakers arrived extremely well-packaged and included clear instructions (which specified a recommended break-in period). Right away I connected them and began playing CD's, at low volume, while I busied myself with household chores.

I actually had never before heard Merlin speakers, and I determined to avoid listening carefully to my TSM's until after they had played the recommended break-in hours and I had set them up per recommendations. Nevertheless, I was immediately captivated by their clean, neutral, coherent, beautiful sound, and played CD after CD as I futzed around the house. Coltrane, Take 6, Eva Cassidy, Kenny Rankin, Michael Franks, Joshua Redman, Joni, Janis Ian, and others (including NPR/PRI news and classical music from my local university radio station) all played amazing through these TSM's!

Also, aesthetics are important to me, and these "Ruby Heart Red" speakers are quite beautiful to behold--almost jewel-like. The underexposed flash photos on my system page do not do them justice.

Upshot: I am looking forward to spending many, many hours listening to my music through what seem to be very special speakers, indeed, as they continue their break-in.

I've spent more time with my TSM's sans Master RC network.
At this point I am quite certain my system's sound quality
has improved significantly (after the RC network was

A couple of my favorite cuts are complicated/complex pieces
with a lot going on, and I've never heard the detail in
these pieces as I heard it last evening. I don't have the
CD's in front of me at the moment, but the cuts are on the
Yellowjackets "Live" CD (second to last cut), a
Cassandra Wilson piece replete with hard-driving,
polyrhythmic percussion, and a couple of cuts from one of
Paul Simon's African music-themed CD's (maybe "Rhythm
of the Saints").

My god! These are amazing speakers! Loved them before.
Love them much more now. Whatever the underlying reason,
they're now firing on all cylinders, um, humming on all
rotors, in my system in my room, and I couldn't be more

To find information about Merlin Music for a friend, I went looking yesterday for the the Web page—only to learn of Bobby's death last year.  I can never listen to my TSM's, which I continue to thoroughly enjoy, without recalling the lengthy, illuminating exchanges I had with Bobby when I was looking to purchase new monitors and several times after I had made my purchase.  I was hoping my friend could benefit from similar exchanges with Bobby.  Alas, never to be.  So sad.  RIP, Bobby Palcovic.