Why no mention of "Stereovox" cables??

Don't know a thing about this brand of cables, but except for the excellent reviews in various audio sites/mags.

Has anyone out there amoung us fanatics tried these??

What's the word?
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Damn expensive!

Designed by Chris Sommovigo who also designed the SOTA Illuminations (formerly Illuminati) digital cables, among others.
I also think they are very very expensive,but they get
also very very good review.Chris I think joined Ray
Kimber then went back where he live.I think He is good
cable designer.
Check out Hello Simply Music site for info.
I have a set of the Stereovox interconnects in house -
they are excellent!

Try them.
I am using stereovox interconnects and speaker cables as well. Very happy with them! Although expensive but worth the money.
At least try them.
Josephaud and Occlusion,

Did you compare them with other expensive cables?

You can't beat wavac 805 and stereovox cables.Period.Tom.I have owned everything.temptation speakers.basis top of line with vacuum and urishi.new vector killed my graham.sorry to sound so dogmatic but i have searched the world and above is simply my opinion.
These are by far the best ic's I have tried in my system. I can't say enough good things, completely resolving of instruments and space while maintaining a relaxed presentation without any edge, maybe a signature of some sort? If so I can live with it. The bass is defined in space and articulate, not like many silver cables I have listened to that seem to attenuate these frequencies. The highs are extended and natural. I did a direct comparison with the Stealth Indra's and preferred the Stereovox by a large margin YMMV but in my system it was unanimous.
Love the connectors. Wonderful cables but I cannot afford them.