Why No McIntosh Recommendations?

As I read, and continually read through posts, nobody really talks to McIntosh Products, or recommends McIntosh Products.  Why?  I can understand why they are not getting their just due.  I think their sound stage is incredible and the tube products offer incredible warmth.  I own the 2600 PreAmp, 2152 Amp, and MT5 Turntable.  I love what they do for my Sonos Faber Serafino’s.  I’m a big fan.  Why don’t y’all talk to them more.  Now I know we all have our bias.  And I know that they may be out of many price ranges, but they are wonderful products, in my ears.  

BTW - Currently Listening to Hugh Maskela’s Hope on a Quality Pressings Release!  Sounds superb!  Excellent recording whether you are listening to a CD or a high quality a 180 Release from the original master tapes.
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I had a MX130 that I tried out for a little while using it as a tuner with my existing system.
It sounded good. Had a nice soundstage & presentation. To me the sound had a bit of bloom - designed in.

Compare that with my Magnum Dynalab FT-101 tuner which had no bloom, and just delivered truth.

Great for some, but not for me.
I would like to hear a set of MC275 amps though...
"Back in the Day" I started with a Dynaco ST70 and as soon as I could afford it I moved to a MC 240 and after that a MC 275. Each step "Back in the Day" was a quantum leap in improved sound.  I got to the point that I soon owned 3 MC240's, 3 MC275's and an assortment of McIntosh preamps --- and still do !  
     I will admit that my present system has taken turns to more modern equipment, but I still own tri-amped speakers and fantasize about employing ALL of those McIntosh amps to drive them into Audio Nirvana! Age and a lack of physical space are confounding that dream. 
     A special shout-out goes to a special favorite, an MC32 preamp which has every audio nuance at your fingertips.  I remember fondly, a shootout between the phono sections of my MC26 preamp and an older MC110 Pre/Tuner.  The old MC110 won, hands down !  Tubes, don't you know ?
     I had built a duplicate set of speakers for a dear friend who coveted mine, and we, at one time, had a showdown between his Marantz 8B amplifier and my McIntosh MC275 amp.  They BOTH were superb, but we both agreed that the Marantz was more "clinical" and the McIntosh was "sweeter".  Remember --- same speakers !
     MacIntosh equipment is something you can live with for a long, long time without longing for change.  Is there better equipment ?  Measurably, perhaps ----  musically, perhaps ---- esthetically, perhaps ---- and on, and on and on.
    This hobby has given me some of the more pleasurable times of my life, and it continues to give --- every day.
    I spent my career as an orchestral musician and can honestly say that the joys of performing in a 100 piece symphony orchestra were, on many occasions, matched by sitting in front of what I considered to be a great audio system.  Don't lose sight of that aim of our beloved hobby.  Music is the aim ---- equipment is the vehicle that gets us there.  Cheers to all !!
I’m listening to a MC2125 and C28 combination right now that has been in my family since the 70’s.  It’s not the last word in resolution or grain free but I’ll tell you it is fun.  It has great rhythm, is smooth and controlled with all music.
When I really want the kind of presence and clarity that makes me think the singer is in the room with me I love Leben tube gear.  Some class a Luxman amps are also great to my aging 45 year old ears.
Ive owned newer Mac gear but never held onto it.  I think there are too many other options that sound better to me.  As for the MC2125 and C28 I grew up with, I hope to grow old with them too.  Much fun.
Guess I'll jump in a tad here.  Long ago, in the time of tiny audio journals, Denon direct drive TT's, Sheffield Labs... I found a good, knowledgeable McIntosh dealer.  My mistake was buying 70's solid state, tho a big sonic jump from the 110w/per Pioneer receiver.  After a few years, it did sell wonderfully well.  McIntosh flew under the radar until the 1990's when the journals began to review and like the newer solid state products.  One must keep audio history in mind here.  Matching up gear was in its infancy before the web illumined our hobby.  For example, my big mid- 70's McIntosh MC2200 amp at 250W per was no match for large panel Acoustat 2 + 2's, nor big Maggies, Apogees, and other difficult, low impedance loads of the day.  I strongly suspect this contributed greatly to McIntosh falling out of favor with the reviewers.  My more recent experiences with McIntosh have been with the POST ANNIVERSARY MC275 tube amplifier.  I've had occasion to hear this amp on Thiel 3.7's, a smaller 2 way Joseph floor-stander and some Magico S3's (the less dry newer design.)   
One day, I can see myself fading into a musical sunset with an MC275...a pair of appropriate Harbeths...source be damned!!  :))  More peace!  Pinthrift
To Stevecutler, Mac has been successfull selling their products with the glass front since the 70s, why change it or why change now? You wouldn’t want to put a polycarbonate windshield on a Ferrari would you?