Why No Love For Peachtree Audio?

I am running a Peachtree Audio Grand Integrated X-1 (Class D 440W at 8 ohms) amp through Joseph Audio Profile floorstanding speakers.  I realize that this is not "high end" but it sounds pretty darn good and the connectivity of this amp can't be beat.  It has inputs for usb, toslink optical, coax digital and rca plugs. There is a home theater by-pass (though I only run it as a two-channel set up) and other common goodies. The DAC, while maybe not state of the art, is as good as many others touted on this forum.  I use this set up in the living room as our all-around stereo for music and tv (not a dedicated listening room) and it suits that purpose quite well. The original MAP at over $4k was optimistic, but a good used one can be picked up for well under $2k. At that price it is a bargain.

Why are there no good words for Peachtree Audio products on this forum.  It almost seems like that brand is held in disdain here.  What's up with that?
I am big fan of JA speakers and I suspect they certainly improve your sound but in the end I've found Class D just doesn't work for me - at least not in most cases.  I've since moved on to Class A amps (both tube and SS) and love their qualities for my listening tastes. We all have different tastes. 
I have a Nova 300 and think it’s an absolute steal for the money. It’s a very solid brand.
I’d have to agree with the thin, dry, and brittle sound descriptions. While it had a great wide soundstage, my Decco was seemingly built without much regard for the mid range sound as it was rare to find recordings that made the best of what the Peachtree could do. 
After a few months I got a vintage amp that, though more noisy, it simply trounced the Peachtree in making full bodied sound through the entire range. 
I do love the looks and the form factor. Just wish they could make it sound as good as it looks. 
My friend has a Peachtree Nova 225 partnered with KEF LS50 speakers and to my ears the sound is shrill, brittle, bright and lean bass.  
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