Why no love for Integra's?

The new Integra DTC-9.8 looks very good on paper. However, you rarely see the Integra brand mentioned on the various forums.

Any of you have experience with this line. I'm considering selling my Arcam AVP-700 and going with this pre, primarily because of the Room EQ that might help in my set-up. However, my Arcam is also very good with two channel audio and I'm worried the Integra might not be so good.



Much of the Integra stuff is only marginally better than the standard Onkyo gear, which sounds okay.

Now Integra does have some good pieces, the BAT designed amp and the higher end pre/pro with Apogee DACs.

Now if this is the unit I am thinking of it sells for $1600.00 and offers a built in video processor as well.

It seems to me that this is way too much technology for too low a price. Time and auditioning well tell.
I agree with Aoracle, I owned Onkyo for 10 years going from 2 channel, Dolby Surround, AC3 and finally a 7.1 unit before I turned to higher end seperates, the Integra line is only slightly better wich means it is acceptable but nothing to write home about....or in forums lol.
I believe there is a difference between Integra and Integra Research. Integra Research is the top brand with units such as described by Audioaracle. I used the Integra Research RDC-7 preamp/processor for a couple of years in my 5.1 surround sound system with very good results. The only reason I'm not still using it is due to going back to 2 channel. It is very well made, has tons of options, but most importantly sounds very good. Their support is also pretty good, as I spoke with a couple of techs based out of their NJ office.
Thanks everyone. I am aware of the Integra Research line. However, I've also read that Integra was the Onkyo upper line, much like Sony ES and Pioneer Elite.

Audiooracle hit the nail on the head and this was exactly what I was thinking. A lot of features on this pre/processer makes it look very attractive on paper. It also has a direct/by-pass mode, but I'm not sure just how direct that would be or what type of volume control is used.

I like the Arcam, but am curious about the room EQ that some of the newer units use and I would like to find something with a little more slam to it as well. The Arcam is sweet, but it leans toward a more articulate and not so robust sound; if that makes any sense.

Maybe I should just hold out until a nice used Krell Showcase pops up?
Jack... unless opinions have worked well in guiding you to audio satisfaction in the past, I would suggest that you wait to hear the DTC-9.8 for yourself prior to making any decision.

The opinions of those who haven't heard it are just that, opinions, and should be valued as such.
The Onkyo 805 got some really good reports on this forum from people who had heard it. You can expect the Integra to be at least as good. Like Njs says, people love to express their opinions but often they aren't based on any actual experience.
Yeah, no that's true. Njs is right. All the hoping in the world doesn't amount to much. Neither does reading reviews, and taking that as God's spoken word!
Time will tell. But it does indeed look good on paper. Maybe it can be moded??? Hummmmmm
Only observation here, but the first poster to respond noted an Apogee DAC as a characteristic of the higher end Integra Pro line of processors... the Apogee happens to be a clock, not a DAC. And the DACs in that particular unit were Wolfsons.

Opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one. Some are more or less based upon fact.

My simple advice is that you should actually listen to any prospective "Apogee DAC" before you rely upon wholly unqualified advice and lay your money down, Jack.
Thanks so much for the responses and advise. Of course I would always prefer to listen for myself, but it's very difficult in my town so I often rely on those who might have hands on experience.

I realize some make comments without having ever heard the products, but it's usually pretty easy to tell. I just wanted to see if some folks had experience with this line in general; especially those who might actually own and use them.

I'm just kicking the tires at this point and will have to think long and hard before parting with my Arcam. I also just picked up a set of Cornwall II's and will be putting together a 2nd two channel rig, so it will probably be awhile before I make this move.

I would still like to hear comments on this line though.
Apogee doesn't make DACs ?

What's this ?


Apogee makes a range of DACs that are widely used and highly regarded in pro-audio. They also make clock sync. products.
"Like Njs says, people love to express their opinions but often they aren't based on any actual experience."(regalma1)

Yeah, this is VERY MUCH TRUE of audio indeed!
I remember a quote from some multi-millionare guy I read once, which was "The crowd is ALWAYS wrong!" Guess this explains why one well known audio company, that starts with a "B" has been the most successful of all time in selling speakers and stuff! Oh wait! On second thought, THAT MUST BE IT!--Just sell the masses some cruddy sounding hi-fi gear, and advertise
the bejesus out of it in Mothers day Magazine, and Better Homes and Gardens, AND YOU CAN'T LOSE!!!!!!!! What a concept

We hear ya. No idea why, you are correct, Integra is basically Onkyo Elite gear. We've just pulled the Integra receiver that we used for 3 years and we're just blown away at the lack of interest in Integra gear. That's our DPC 8.5 up there which is still an in production available CD/DVD/SACD...unit. Honestly, it had alot to do with us deciding NOT to go with the new Integra Pre/Pro. We have tastes that change occasionally and we aren't interested in gear that we've paid good money for that is still in Tip Top working condition that we can't re-sell.
G-2, how did the DPC 8.5 sound? Looks like it's got discreted circuitry with Wolfson DAC's, etc. With a list price of ~ $500 this looks pretty good on paper.
First I will admit that while I love my movies, I'm much more in to my 2 channel stereo rig. That said I did purchase a home theater set up a few years ago from a small shop that was going under. I scored an Integra receiver, dvd player, and energy speakers and sub for around 900 bucks. New it all would have cost about $2100.00 I'm happy with it. Sound is pretty good though I'm sure there is better. I'm not willing to spend big bucks on upgrading though. Might buy a new center channel speaker or something but all in all I think Integra is far from lowly.