Why NO LOVE For BOENICKE Audio Speakers Here ?

I think they are some of the most realistic sounding speakers on the world market!🎶


"Boenicke are asking near 7 Grand for these .. for what ... a pair of speakers that I can build for around $100."

Somehow I doubt that ;-)
And of course, your analysis, like all such rash analysis of "I could build that way cheaper" misses the work time a speaker designer spent coming up with the design, testing, refining etc (not to mention the added money involved selling speakers as a business, overhead, advertising etc).
After watching a few videos of the Polands Audio Show there are 100's of manufacturers we don't see here in NA. many that look very interesting. Shame more don't come here.
North America makes up less than 20 percent of the world audio market.  Of that 20 percent, 80 percent are overweight bald guys that wear sneakers.  It’s a miracle anyone comes to demonstrate here.  We got cash tho and the weed is gettin better!
tvfreak40 posts12-06-2018 8:12pmYour comment is interesting, but I have one question: have you ever listened the boenicke speakers personally?

I don’t tend to comment on things I either don’t know or haven’t experienced!

I have worked (in some cases extensively) with said drivers used by Beonicke, and I use the Peerless brand in my current set up and have used Peerless in my car audio setup in the past. Fountek full-range aren't all that! As for the SLS 5.25" driver, I have to admit it's a little beast.

However, paying 7 Large, for something the family cat to build for just over $100 is too hard for me to swallow! Praising Beonicke as 'the best thing since sliced bread' and paying near 7 Grand instead of a whisker over $100 for the pleasure forces me to conclude that some people on this and other forums need to get out more often!
I see.  You have experience with some of the components of the speaker, but not with the final work.  I admit that the price is quite high, but I don't think it's fair to judge a product that was obviously the result of a lot ot thought and experience without listening to it.  Anyway, it's a free country and anyone has the right to say whatever he or she wants.  And people can disagree.  Let's move on.