Why NO LOVE For BOENICKE Audio Speakers Here ?

I think they are some of the most realistic sounding speakers on the world market!🎶


"at particular times a great deal of stupid people have a great deal of stupid money" - Walter Bagehot

Because you’re paying Ferrari money for a Fiat!
Peerless SLS $35-36
Fountek FE85 around $11

Boenicke are asking near 7 Grand for these .. for what ... a pair of speakers that I can build for around $100. NOT A CHANCE SUNSHINE!!!
And for those boosting about the performance I say; you need to get out more! Don’t get me wrong, I own Peerless SLS subs and I’ve used and have designed speakers around various drivers including full-range drivers from the likes of Mark Audio, EJ Jordan Designs, Hybrid Audio, Fostex, and Fountek are nothing to write home about!

Your comment is interesting, but I have one question: have you ever listened the boenicke speakers personally?
Heard them at Capital Audiofest. Nice sounding enough but very small and very expensive for their size. I did not see or hear the value.   If the small size appeals and the price does not  repel, then go for it.
"Boenicke are asking near 7 Grand for these .. for what ... a pair of speakers that I can build for around $100."

Somehow I doubt that ;-)
And of course, your analysis, like all such rash analysis of "I could build that way cheaper" misses the work time a speaker designer spent coming up with the design, testing, refining etc (not to mention the added money involved selling speakers as a business, overhead, advertising etc).
After watching a few videos of the Polands Audio Show there are 100's of manufacturers we don't see here in NA. many that look very interesting. Shame more don't come here.