Why NO LOVE For BOENICKE Audio Speakers Here ?

I think they are some of the most realistic sounding speakers on the world market!🎶


I agree! I have listened to a few at various audio shows. They always captivate. Wonderful with jazz, acoustic, classical and pop.
I've wished to hear more reports on the Boenicke speakers.  They are one brand I've really wanted to hear.  But I never see anyone selling them in North America.
There's one seller in the U.S., Audioprana, whose website is utterly cryptic.  So much for distribution...
I'll bet numerous audiophiles have not heard of them. I have not seen any information regarding these speakers in the US. They go look very interesting!
One guy in Idaho heard of these speakers and he doesn't love them.Good luck though!!
Hey ebm is that the potato head guy you are talking about. If they don't put his ears on how can he like the speakers.
We are very pleased to be selling Boenicke, in fact it is the only loudspeaker brand we represent because we think it is the best sounding speaker at an affordable price. The cabinets are CNC machined from a choice of solid timber and are beautifully hand finished. Some of the drivers are unique to Boenicke and great attention has been paid to the cross over design which uses top quality components. They are “voiced” to be very natural sounding and open. Used with the right supporting equipment and cabling the sound is stunningly natural and transparent. Even the smallest W5 stand mounts sound “big” and out of the box. In fact I’ve had people come round and they have mistakenly thought that they were listening to the larger W11 floor standers.

The W8, W11 and W13 models come with bases but in my opinion it is definitely worth paying a bit extra for the swing base for the best sound. I believe you won’t find a better speaker in their price range and in fact represent great value for money because they easily outperform other brands costing two or three times the price.

Sven Boenicke designs and builds the speakers himself with help from one other person in Switzerland and they have received very good reviews in Six Moons and Mono and Stereo among others. Prices range from approximately £3,800 to £16,000 depending on model and specifications.
I heard that Trilogy Audio Systems 925 Integrated Amp is a great match with these BOENICKE Audio Speakers!🎶😍👍

@real_music777, Trilogy I’m sure are a good match, Sven Boenicke has used them at Munich. They would also work well with Trafomatic as Audioprana have demonstrated. Our preferred choice is however, Mola Mola with Sablon cables. Great synergy.
They are not well known in  North America, 
And limited in Bass output  which most  look for .typically rooms are a bit larger in North America.

I have heard from several sources I trust that Boenicke speakers are truly magical. I`m tempted to try the W5SE myself but sadly I have no option to listen them before.

Their speakers are so tiny so I wonder if they can play loud at all? 
@plutos, I don’t think you will be disappointed. They play loud in our room which is 3.5m x 7m and should be good for even bigger rooms. Take a look at Audiopranas vid on YouTube with W5SE’s playing in a fairly large space.

What’s you amp?
@audioman58, definitely not limited bass output on the the W11 or W13. Just listening to Hiromi  “Alive” while typing this and you could hardly call Anthony Jackson’s bass sounding deficient in any way. Open, tight, extended bass. Of course the W5 will be less because of its size but is surprisingly good for its size.

I have pass 250.5 and can compliment W5SE-s with JL F112 but my room is approx 5.5 x 7m with opening to the second floor, which is a horrible bass sucker :))

I`m sure the floor-standers can play louder but I`d like to try bookshelfs first too see if I like the sound or choose to resell and search further. 
Toe tap, Audio where are these speakers located ?  
@audioman58 , out from rear wall 1.2m and sides 0.8m approx, suspended base system, bass units facing inwards. 
@plutos, I assume you are in US? Maybe Audioprana would lend you some. If in UK we can send you some.

Europe not UK.
??- Question     where are the US dealers ?
I owned a  Audio store in the U.K until 07  and was selling Zu speakers From the  US.  Support even at the shows  not one of their owners 
Spent a pence on advertising  for my cause . They sent a few banners st the show.   Getting traction for a new product is instrumental. I sold  several of the Druids,and other products  based on the great 6moons Reviews . The  same applies to these Boenicke Loudspeakers.  AUDIO COMPANIES OUT THERE LISTEN UP
@audioman58, Ha ha, I didn’t understood your question. In the US, Audioprana is the distributor I understand. Where was your store may I ask?

@plutos, Boenicke has representation in most countries in Europe. If not if you got in touch with Sven, maybe he could help you out?
I have owned a pair of Boenicke for a year now. I was lucky to get his demonstration pair of SLS speakers with his own 4 channel DSP power amp.
They took a few days to get right, positioning in the room is vital as they fire the sound off into the walls and corners, reflected rather than direct.
My brain needed a day or 2 to grasp the sound too, again, only the teeters point at you.
A year in, they are brillant, most open à and natural sound I've owned, soundstage and image and excellent.
Look lovely too.
Sven emailed me numerous times with placement suggestions and we met and chatted on his stand at Munich High End.
I recommend them to everyone!!
@pure_carbon, I have heard those very speakers you have. The SLS’s are a very interesting design and they sound great. What’s the rest of your system?
Boenicke speakers remain a sensitive subject around here and as such many are simply afraid or too shy to talk about them. I feel weird just responding in this thread….wracked with ennui and a slight itch.
I’m a prod owner of Boenicke W5 in oak, they replaced a ser of Dynaudio X12, I’m a BIG Dynaudio Fan, I’ve heard almost all of their speakers line. Came close to buy the new Special 40, but the Boenickes won my heart.
The first time the brand cross my way was on Lisbon Audio Show (Portugal), in a relatively big room, 120m2, there, were a set of W11 powered by a Parasound pre/power combo. I was so impressed by the sound they produced, and the bass was full and heavy, had to ask if any sub was playing in the room, the answer was a big NO, so I’ve set down and had a listening of almost 1 hour... made two movies that are posted on YouTube.
Last week went to the the Portuguese web site and had the shear luck of getting their demo unit with a great discount. Now they play in living room filling the ground floor open space. I’ve even turn the BK sub off, no need for the extra bass like I needed with the X12.
Great great speakers, I follow Sven on Facebook, he always reply to every one. All the best


I would try these with in a second with a beefy SS amp.  But at 83dB-89dB at 4 ohms, they really can't be considered in the realm of tube-friendly speakers.
I think the main issue with Boenicke is the fact that nobody is sure pronounce it.
A good friend has the W8s with top-end electronics preceding them.  I  think the impedance is a bit challenging.  IMHO they sound MUCH better with ss amplification and a tubed pre or cdp than with tubed amplification.  He had them partnered with a Trafomatic amp initially and it sounded good, but not special.  I've followed his progression with the speakers.  
Here in the US are they even showing at the audio shows?
Correction: "Nobody is sure HOW TO pronounce it."
i just purchased A pair of Boenicke w5’s ...after a 20 min demo ...they replaced a pair of Hale Revelation 3’s ..with A Rotel RA 1570 ...the Hales ive had since 1997..and have not looked at another pair of speakers ...recently decided to find a smaller pair of speakers ...that i would be Happy with ..looked at the top $5000.00 bookshelf candidates 13 pairs ..all sounded sterile and with my varied musical tastes and NOT wanting my ears to bleed from the ultra accurate ..brightness i encountered ..i finally explained my quest ..and made an appointment to demo the W5’s ..they immediatly sounded like musically engaging speakers ..and able to handle any music played on them in a way that was non fatiguing and enjoyable ....not constantly so accurate as to make my musical choices sound like crap ..and want to turn off the stereo ...I PAID for them ...and since the showroom was empty from a huge rainstorm in NYC ..i went back and listened for another 35 min ..and even added a subwoofer ..to see what would happen (very good things ) had to wait 9 weeks for delivery ..
They are forgiving of placement ..fill a 20 x 25 room with quite loud sound pressures ..and while do so do not sound grainy or strained ...even with the moderate rotel electronics ...I  highly recomend giving these little wonders a listen ..they also are very wife friendly 
You can listen to and purchase them from Park Avenue Audio, 440 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10016.   I was in there yesterday and I was amazed at what I heard.  I was listening to the W8s powered by an Accuphase A-47 Class A power amp.  Imaging, texture, realism, dynamics...all there.
Speakers with texture can, at times, rub you the wrong way.
We are here to help.

We will be presenting listening events throughout North America in 2019.  Please let us know if you would like to schedule an audition.

We appreciate your consideration.

Boenicke Audio

You can also contact:
Park Avenue Audio  www.parkavenueaudio.com
Audio Prana  pranadistribution.com
I will make a bold statement. The W5's are TRUE audiophile quality speakers and blow away a lot of so called high end speakers IMHO. They had the most captivating sound at the 2016 RMAF for me, so much so that i had to go back near the end of the day to have a longer extended listen as I was completely drawn in how they sounded in a natural way on first hearing. Its not very often I go gaga on hi-fi equipment. Even my long suffering better half thought they were one of the best sounds at the show, and also wanted to hear them again. Sven is a nice guy also!! 
We represent Boenicke Audio in North American and work directly with Sven Boenicke.  You can visit the Switzerland website here:  http://boenicke-audio.ch

You can also contact:
Park Avenue Audio  www.parkavenueaudio.com
Audio Prana  pranadistribution.com

You can contact us directly for listening events and private auditions:  www.BoenickeAudio.com

We appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in Boenicke Audio.

[email protected]
So Laura...how DO you pronounce it?
I have a pair of W13s and they sound sublime. I wrote a review here:

In the UK we pronounce it:

BO (rhymes with so)
I (the sound of the ‘i’ in ‘it’)

Boo-nee-kay or Boo-nee-key

The name has a subtle German accent, but this is the easiest way to pronounce it in English.
@duckworp Congrats on finding your speakers. Do you know of a dealer in central london where I can audition them?
@divertiti - I am in London too. I used Elite in Scotland. They were happy to send a pair down for me to demo, with a deposit.   I will PM you. 
We would be pleased to help. We are based in Gloucestershire but also demo in London. We have W11’s and W5’s on permanent demonstration.


Great review in Six Moons of the Boenicke W11 with comparison to the W8.

I’ve been very intrigued by the Boenicke speakers.

But in looking at reviews, there is perhaps a "heads up" to give regarding at least one aspect of this brand, especially if one fancies lower power amplifiers. Apparently they are very low in sensitivity.

Here’s a review of the W8 speakers, with measurements (as well as comments on the measurements of the W5’s measurements as well:


From the article:

Newport Test Labs measured the sensitivity of the Boenicke W8 speakers as 81.5dBSPL at a distance of one metre, for a 2.83Veq input. This is a very low figure and one that’s almost 3dB lower than the minimum figure specified by Boenicke. It is, however, higher than the measurement Newport Test Labs made on the smaller Boenicke W5 design, which was measured at 79dBSPL under the same conditions and positioned that design as having the lowest sensitivity of any speaker ever tested by Newport Test Labs. The W8’s result puts it in a tie for the third-lowest sensitivity ever measured by that lab, but more importantly means you’ll need to use considerable amplifier power to drive these speakers to high SPLs in a listening room. How-ever if you use too much power, you will heat the voice coils, reducing efficiency even further and possibly running the risk of damaging one or more of the drivers

There was also this in the review:

[Editor’s Note: In a response to an earlier review of the Boenicke W5s, in which reviewer Daniel Stiel commented on the low efficiency of the W5 design, Sven Boenicke, the designer, advised in an email fol-low-up to that review that he considered ‘proper amplification’ for his speakers to be amplifiers that are capable of delivering 1,000-watts per channel into 4Ω loads.

Other reviews also seem to indicate they are more room/position dependant than the average speaker, some struggling for quite a while to get them set up to satisfaction.

I also found these parts of the review intriguing:

You can quite easily prove this to yourself by playing a monophonic signal through the Boenicke W8s. Instead of hearing a solid, mono image directly midway between the speakers, you’ll instead hear a soundstage that is still eerily almost stereo-like in its pres-entation, with images positioned at different places across the stage, depending on the pitch of the instrument and the notes being played.

I find that interesting as, at least with his mono pink noise tests, John Atkinson always points out that a very narrowly defined mono image "always correlates with good (stereo) imaging." Where the Boenicke design is often remarked upon for it’s spacious soundstaging and convincing imaging, despite (or because of ??) the interesting phenomenon mentioned above.

Also, if you are one of those "the cabinet MUST be inert" audiophiles, this speaker design doesn’t seem to go that route:

A part of this bass warmth might be due to the W8 cabinets acting as very efficient resonators... as one might expect from any solid wood enclosure surrounding an air mass (i.e., almost all stringed instruments). Put your ear up against the wall of any cabinet built by most high-end speaker manufacturers and you’ll hear very little in the way of sound. Put your ear up against the cabinet of the Boenicke W8 and it’s like listening at the door of a concert hall. No doubt these cabinet vibrations also contribute to the unique sound of these loudspeakers

All in all, the review, like most I’ve read for Boenicke, describes the sound as excellent. So it seems like the designer has made a number of canny design choices.

I thought the review above shed a bunch of light on the Boenicke speakers that may be helpful to those of us who are interested in them.
I have little doubt from the reports that they sound excellent, properly set up and driven well by an appropriate amp. Though as a "tube amp guy" some of the info in the review gave me a bit of pause.

(Then again, I have MBL 121 monitors which are about as efficient as the way those Boenicke’s measured, and they sound quite nice driven by my CJ Premier 12 tube amps - 140W/side).
I've been intrigued by these speakers but distribution seems very limited in the U.S., which is not surprising since they are very small operation. I'd be very interested in hearing them if there were ever a dealer in the Portland, OR area.
They look nice.   How much and how do I buy them?
Whoa, I just saw the prices!

Come to Capital Audiofest.  I'd like to hear them.
One of three reasons at present why I can't entertain the W5's
got to 45sec for the action..lol


"at particular times a great deal of stupid people have a great deal of stupid money" - Walter Bagehot

Because you’re paying Ferrari money for a Fiat!
Peerless SLS $35-36
Fountek FE85 around $11

Boenicke are asking near 7 Grand for these .. for what ... a pair of speakers that I can build for around $100. NOT A CHANCE SUNSHINE!!!
And for those boosting about the performance I say; you need to get out more! Don’t get me wrong, I own Peerless SLS subs and I’ve used and have designed speakers around various drivers including full-range drivers from the likes of Mark Audio, EJ Jordan Designs, Hybrid Audio, Fostex, and Fountek are nothing to write home about!

Your comment is interesting, but I have one question: have you ever listened the boenicke speakers personally?